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Everything Flows

August 27, 2013

McCready Minute #6:

It’s worth mentioning this isn’t about me telling other people how to live their lives. I’ve done a little experimenting over the years so who am I to judge what people should or shouldn’t do? It’s less about any addiction issues on my own behalf, but very much about mental health issues I’ve had, that have arisen as a DIRECT RESULT of living with (and/or being surrounded by) individuals with severe addiction issues. I don’t like losing my fucking mind, so I don’t want to live with people who have issues with abusing cocaine, MDMA, or opiates/painkillers. I don’t want that in my life. I RARELY even drink at home (I leave that at the bar) so I certainly don’t want hard drugs here in my house EVER, and additionally, my house is not a rehab and I am not a doctor or social worker so this is not the place to dry out or clean yourself up if you’re struggling. Again, not judging anyone, just looking out for my own mental health. If we’re social acquaintances through the music scene or media stuff or whatever and you’re dealing with those issues, I’M NOT JUDGING YOU. It’s okay. If you need help, and want help, there’s help out there for you; but it’s not me. The key here is that knowing somebody casually and living with somebody are two very different things. I wish the best for (almost) everyone, but I gotta look out for myself first, and this is a hard line I have to draw, and specifically address, for me to take care of me. Cool?

This is what I like to do at home, and I can’t exactly focus with a bunch of cracked-out partyfaces running around can I?

In less heavy news, I went to the Dakota tonight to see an early show by the New Mendicants featuring Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Joe Pernice (Pernice Brothers) and Mike Belitsky (the Sadies).

I was a big fan of Teenage Fanclub’s albums A Catholic Education and Bandwagonesque in highschool and still am, and I never got a chance to see Teenage Fanclub so the idea of seeing these guys perform old TF and Pernice Brothers songs was pretty exciting to me. At the end of their set they played one of my favorite TF songs, Everything Flows. I videotaped the first minute of it, but then I thought “fuck it, I don’t want to watch this through my screen. Very few people are going to bother watching the video if I get around to posting it, and if they really want to see it, they should’ve been here” and put the camera back in my bag.

Instead, I would be delighted if you would listen to my cover of Everything Flows, which I recorded a couple of years ago.

I hope Norman Blake listens to it sometime.

Riot Fest Toronto 2013

August 26, 2013

Here’s the McCready Minute #5.

All I can tell you is I am NOT going to shave my face or my head in an attempt to maintain my individuality. I suppose that means I’ll just have to work harder at doing and accomplishing my own things so that I won’t get mistaken for anyone but myself.

I came to the festival alone, but ran into Noah and Catherine at the front gates and spent the entire day with them. They’re NICE. Noah’s been honing his Prepster look. It’s working, WORK IT!

Thanks to Steve Goldby and PBR for putting me on their media list today.

Ahh shittt we almost got a Pony Da Look reunion up in here! Chris Murphy, you should’ve come and brought the whole family!

Danny Miles in good form as usual. I used to play with Danny in the Job, and then we spent a month playing together on tour in Mohawk Lodge; these days he’s playing in July Talk.

Wassup Rockers? –> Eamon McGrath and Dan Burke. Eamon is of Irish/Scottish decent too, so we look like we could be related. He’s the person who first got me listening to the Replacements a few years ago. I highly recommend seeing Eamon perform live. He’s got some special fierce energy when he’s on the stage and the fucker can sing, I can vouch for that.

Today was a day of rock and roll legends (Iggy and the Stooges, the Replacements, Rocket From the Crypt, Dinosaur Jr) and it was called RIOTFEST so I think it’s appropriate to post this video THAT I SHOT from another legendary night in Toronto rock and roll history of Dan Burke trying to incite a riot at the Silver Dollar after Jay Retard punched a fan and stormed off stage. Dan might as well be a rapper in this video. Pure poetry, divine inspiration, his rant from that night is still blowing my mind on so many levels. So proud to say I WAS THERE!! R.I.P. Jay Reatard.

George just arrived back in Toronto yesterday from LA, he drove the whole way on his motorcycle. This is one of the only pics you’ll ever see of him with a beard. Catherine’s hair looks full and fabulous, non?

On the other hand, this is one of many pics you’ll see of Joel French with a beard and a lovely lady on his side. That’s just par for the course.

This is one of the only pictures I tried to take of bands all day. I figured I should stick to what’s in front of me. That’s what makes my blog unique.

You can’t tell, but it’s Iggy and the Stooges; they absolutely slayed. Today was a good day.

Mass Appeal @ Parts & Labour

August 22, 2013

Here’s the second installment of the McCready Minute. Check it out, it’s only a minute long!

I’m DJing with Paul Terefenko tomorrow night at Parts & Labour. Paul’s an interesting guy, from the few times we’ve hung out so far I can tell he’s a detail oriented in a way I can relate to and is incredibly smart, which is why I wanted to DJ with him. He’s more “together” and on the up-and-up in terms of the straight world than I am, but I feel like we’ve got a lot in common at the root of our personalities so I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I think it’ll be a fun time!

Screaming Females are playing with Greys and the Beverly’s tonight. Last time I saw the Screaming Females was at the Kool Haus a few years ago opening for Dead Weather. Check out this video I shot of their singer/guitar player Marissa Pasternoster shredding at the Kool Haus.

the McCready Minute

August 21, 2013

I came up with an idea tonight for a new series I’m going to do called the McCready Minute; 1 minute v-logs about whatever. I didn’t have anything to say today, but that’s what’s nice about keeping it to a minute. I could possibly just stare at the camera for a minute if I don’t have anything to say that day.

Here’s the first installment:

Mattyfest Summer 2013

August 20, 2013

Sunday afternoon and evening, Parts & Labour played host to the 3rd Annual Mattyfest, featuring a selection of some of the best Toronto musicians and bands, hand-picked by P&L’s very own Matty Matheson!

When I arrived at P&L on Sunday at 2pm to set up the stage we’d rented and bring the PA upstairs, one of the cooks asked me which of the bands I was most excited to see and I said “All of them. There’s not necessarily any high-lights because they’re all such great bands.” True musicians and music lovers, one and all. Certain things about hype and fame are cool, I’m totally interested in the mechanics of that stuff from a media theorist perspective, but what earns my respect is musicians who love music. I don’t care if they make a living from it or not, it’s the ones who have always played and are gonna play til they die.

First up was Grey Kingdom.

Milk Lines were next, this picture of them sort of looks like it’s 3D.

I recorded the full sets by all the bands, if I feel ambitious this week I may make a Mattyfest comp. If you’ll listen to it, comment below, since that’ll help motivate me. I dunno if I really want to mix sets by 7 different bands, listen through to pick the best track from each set, arrange them in a decent running order if I’m the only person who’s going to listen to it. But then, nobody giving a fuck has never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do in the past….

Teenanger played 3rd.

A little known trivia fact about Teenanger is they got that name from me. I’d been holding onto it since 1997 when it was passed onto me from Shawn Duguay (ex-Hacken Kruetz) when I was playing drums for him in Moral Outrage because he was 28 at the time and felt like he was too old to ever use it. I held onto that name for almost 10 years because I didn’t play in or start any new bands (other than 5 years on drums in the Walkerville Baptist Church Praise and Worship Team), so when Quebexico broke up and they were starting a new band I told Chris “you gotta use Teenanger, it’s the best name!” and they did. So there you go, that was my contribution. I’m glad it went to good use.

Ben adding the special sauce.

Check out my little sound guy area I sectioned off. I really do prefer working at shows rather that just going to hang out, whether I’m in one of the bands that’s playing, doing sound, taking photos. Even at Choir!Choir!Choir! I shoot the videos every week. It gives me a reason to be there, and then I don’t have to justify anything if I don’t feel like talking to anyone all night. “Leave me alone, I’m just the sound guy/photographer/video guy!”

One of the best things about working at P&L is the food. LOOK AT THAT! I like that it’s punk rock music (at least in spirit, even when it’s not actually punk rock), but it’s not punk-rock food. Of my many skills and obsessions in life, I can’t cook for shit. I don’t know why I’m retarded that way, but I am, so I eat every single time I’m at P&L and I LOVE IT.

Molly will ALVVAYS be a member of the Rankin Family, even when she’s not playing with them.

Marine Dreams were having a grand ol time on stage.

The man, the legend, and the reason there’s a punk rock venue in the basement of a fine dining restaurant: Matty Matheson.

Chantel got an ice cube down her shirt.

RICHARD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!! Pleassse let me keep the piano in the Shop! Pesci is a great booker and all. I generally agree with his taste in bands, which is a big part of what makes working at P&L such a pleasant experience for me; because I enjoy the music he books BUT he’s also famous for owning a nice condo with NO FURNITURE IN IT, so I have a hard time taking it seriously when he talks about a piano being, I quote “unnecessary to the aesthetics of the room”. Let’s have a competition, whose place is better decorated; Mark Pesci’s condo or 159 Manning?

Everyone who’s reading this, please message Mark Pesci on Facebook and tell him how excited you are about the presence of a piano in the Shop now! Otherwise they’re going to make me bring it to the dump.

Ewan Exall seems to agree a piano is “definitely awesome to have” and I’m willing to take responsibility and even pay out of my own pocket to have the piano tuned and maintained. THAT’S how bad I want to keep this piano in the Shop.

Everyone did shut-the-fuck-up and listened when Jennifer Castle played, as they should.

Comet Control played last, they ruled, THE END.

Tired Of Being Alive

August 4, 2013

It’s a beauutifulll day, and I’m in a great mood; the perfect circumstances for recording a couple new Danzig covers. I do believe playing drums twice a week with Vince Andrew and Samson is helping with my piano timing.

I keep sniffing because I either have a minor cold or I have allergies, I’m not sure which. Both songs are written by Glenn Danzig, the first one Tired Of Being Alive is from Danzig II: Lucifuge, and the video one Sistinas is from Danzig III: How The Gods Kill. The next one I’ll do is Soul On Fire from Danzig’s 1988 self-titled album. If you check out the original version of Soul On Fire, listen for the honk of the saxophone during the chorus. It adds to it.

This is my Danzig look, a slightly more serious-yet-light-hearted variation from the Blue Steel I used on my business card. Photo by Lara Kruzins, taken 2 weeks ago in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Check out her photos, they’re very sexxxy and seductive…

My Blue Steel look is a little more sassy with a bit of PTSD/learning-impairment-inspired je ne c’est quoi.

Nick Sewell’s been encouraging me to do a whole album or EP of Tim McCready sings Misfits, Samhain and Danzig covers. He’s even offered to play bass and do back-up vox if I do a live show of it, which I’m pretty excited about. If we add a drummer, we can do the songs in the style of the very first Misfits 7″, Cough Cool from 1977 where it was just bass, keys, drums and vox. Yes yes yesssss! I would also be 100% down for adding a saxophone to make it a 4-piece.

It’ll be a task to beat my 2 performances with Children In Heat (me + members of S.H.I.T.), but with Sewell on my side??! Pfffftt… If you’re gonna scream, scream with meee, moments like this never laaaasssttt..

…and don’t forget about the one-and-only/first-and-last Feral Cell show we did where we played Where Eagles Dare!

In Fill Spectre news, we played a show with Huren, Cartoons and Ell V Gore at the Silver Dollar last night even though our drummer Vassil has a broken foot!

We also played a show with Deutchbanks, the Beverlys and King Creep at the Bovine a couple of weeks ago that we slayed! I recently found this video of us playing at the Silver Dollar back on June 14th/15th (it was 3am so technically the 15th though the show started on the 14th), the same day at the 159 Manning BBQ.

I think we sounded pretty good!