Tired Of Being Alive

It’s a beauutifulll day, and I’m in a great mood; the perfect circumstances for recording a couple new Danzig covers. I do believe playing drums twice a week with Vince Andrew and Samson is helping with my piano timing.

I keep sniffing because I either have a minor cold or I have allergies, I’m not sure which. Both songs are written by Glenn Danzig, the first one Tired Of Being Alive is from Danzig II: Lucifuge, and the video one Sistinas is from Danzig III: How The Gods Kill. The next one I’ll do is Soul On Fire from Danzig’s 1988 self-titled album. If you check out the original version of Soul On Fire, listen for the honk of the saxophone during the chorus. It adds to it.

This is my Danzig look, a slightly more serious-yet-light-hearted variation from the Blue Steel I used on my business card. Photo by Lara Kruzins, taken 2 weeks ago in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Check out her photos, they’re very sexxxy and seductive…

My Blue Steel look is a little more sassy with a bit of PTSD/learning-impairment-inspired je ne c’est quoi.

Nick Sewell’s been encouraging me to do a whole album or EP of Tim McCready sings Misfits, Samhain and Danzig covers. He’s even offered to play bass and do back-up vox if I do a live show of it, which I’m pretty excited about. If we add a drummer, we can do the songs in the style of the very first Misfits 7″, Cough Cool from 1977 where it was just bass, keys, drums and vox. Yes yes yesssss! I would also be 100% down for adding a saxophone to make it a 4-piece.

It’ll be a task to beat my 2 performances with Children In Heat (me + members of S.H.I.T.), but with Sewell on my side??! Pfffftt… If you’re gonna scream, scream with meee, moments like this never laaaasssttt..

…and don’t forget about the one-and-only/first-and-last Feral Cell show we did where we played Where Eagles Dare!

In Fill Spectre news, we played a show with Huren, Cartoons and Ell V Gore at the Silver Dollar last night even though our drummer Vassil has a broken foot!

We also played a show with Deutchbanks, the Beverlys and King Creep at the Bovine a couple of weeks ago that we slayed! I recently found this video of us playing at the Silver Dollar back on June 14th/15th (it was 3am so technically the 15th though the show started on the 14th), the same day at the 159 Manning BBQ.

I think we sounded pretty good!

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