Everything Flows

McCready Minute #6:

It’s worth mentioning this isn’t about me telling other people how to live their lives. I’ve done a little experimenting over the years so who am I to judge what people should or shouldn’t do? It’s less about any addiction issues on my own behalf, but very much about mental health issues I’ve had, that have arisen as a DIRECT RESULT of living with (and/or being surrounded by) individuals with severe addiction issues. I don’t like losing my fucking mind, so I don’t want to live with people who have issues with abusing cocaine, MDMA, or opiates/painkillers. I don’t want that in my life. I RARELY even drink at home (I leave that at the bar) so I certainly don’t want hard drugs here in my house EVER, and additionally, my house is not a rehab and I am not a doctor or social worker so this is not the place to dry out or clean yourself up if you’re struggling. Again, not judging anyone, just looking out for my own mental health. If we’re social acquaintances through the music scene or media stuff or whatever and you’re dealing with those issues, I’M NOT JUDGING YOU. It’s okay. If you need help, and want help, there’s help out there for you; but it’s not me. The key here is that knowing somebody casually and living with somebody are two very different things. I wish the best for (almost) everyone, but I gotta look out for myself first, and this is a hard line I have to draw, and specifically address, for me to take care of me. Cool?

This is what I like to do at home, and I can’t exactly focus with a bunch of cracked-out partyfaces running around can I?

In less heavy news, I went to the Dakota tonight to see an early show by the New Mendicants featuring Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Joe Pernice (Pernice Brothers) and Mike Belitsky (the Sadies).

I was a big fan of Teenage Fanclub’s albums A Catholic Education and Bandwagonesque in highschool and still am, and I never got a chance to see Teenage Fanclub so the idea of seeing these guys perform old TF and Pernice Brothers songs was pretty exciting to me. At the end of their set they played one of my favorite TF songs, Everything Flows. I videotaped the first minute of it, but then I thought “fuck it, I don’t want to watch this through my screen. Very few people are going to bother watching the video if I get around to posting it, and if they really want to see it, they should’ve been here” and put the camera back in my bag.

Instead, I would be delighted if you would listen to my cover of Everything Flows, which I recorded a couple of years ago.

I hope Norman Blake listens to it sometime.

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