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Polaris Music Awards 2013

September 24, 2013

Lets start off with todays McCready Minute. I’d just gotten up 15 minutes earlier and stumbled my wording right at the beginning buuuuuut that’s the embarrassment I have to suffer sometimes to capture genuine spontaneity. “First Take, No Script” is the name of the game.

Whatevsss, maybe I’m just being a troll. Congratulations to Godspeed, I respect them having the balls to stand up for what they believe in (kinda, but not really). Here’s the full album that won them the prize last night. Listening to it brings me back to the 159 Manning Orchestra’s In C performance from Halloween 2010.

Choir Choir Choir filled in for Tegan and Sara at the Polaris Gala last night. I gave my best Blue Steel for my picture with Barb McIvor when we arrived.

A half hour earlier, when we all first met up in the foodcourt underneath College Park to rehearse before heading upstairs to the event, Nobu said to me “It feels kind of weird performing alongside all these bands when we haven’t done anything”, so I reminded him that we’ve recorded almost 200 songs over the past 2.5 years, and I’m not going to bother listing all the gigs and special events we’ve been involved with. Actually, more than that, fuck the publicity, look at the lives we’ve changed just by doing what we do week after week, month after month. I know it’s been a pillar of calmness and positivity for me as I’ve gone through various stages of losing my mind the past few years.

You can watch the video of our performance at 2:40:13. I’m on the left side of the stage, but my head is DIRECTLY behind Amanda Happe’s for most of the shots. I KNEW I should’ve worn heels!

I stole this gif from the Grid’s article about the awards show.

Tegan and Sara approved of our performance!!

I don’t get invited to music industry events anymore, so I saw a bunch of people I don’t often see these days who all seemed very happy to see me (which made me feel good), AND I saw some great bands perform, so as far as I’m concerned I give the awards a thumbs up.

Here’s Castle Garbage’s first official recording. After spending 3 to 6 hours working on mixes everyday for the past week (I’m guessing I’ve listened to this song 200 fucking times now?!?) the guys decided they preferred the rough mix I did an hour after our session last Monday, September 16th. This is why I tend to think first idea is best idea with me. Do it, move on. Do it, move on. Just get ‘er done.

This is the poster for Saturday’s show. I’ll be playing drums with Castle Garbage at 7pm, and bass with Fill Spectre at 8pm. The description for Castle Garbage should say “Free Jazz Inspired SKATE Punk”. The “skate” in there is important to the description. The show is free. No cover.

If a band I’m in wins the Polaris Music Prize next year, I will NOT tell them to go fuck themselves, and I WILL use my portion of the winnings to pay off my credit card.

Castle Garbage

September 23, 2013

The band I’ve been playing drums in the past few months finally has a name! Castle Garbage.

We recorded 6 songs last Monday which I’ve been working on mixing since then. We settled on a name during band practice on Friday, and burned the band-name list to seal the deal.

The name comes from a painting I have hung in my scotch shrine in my dining room/library. The story goes that my grandfather on my mom’s side was born in Glasgow, his family were house-painters and they found a couple of paintings in the garbage of a castle. My grandfather kept one of them, and his brother got the other one. When my grandfather moved to Canada sometime in the 1930’s, he brought it with him. Now it’s mine. It’s signed and dated B Davis 1916, so the painting wasn’t very old when he found it. One mans trash is another man’s heirloom.

The name also reminds me of the title of Kim Fowley’s autobiography that was released earlier this year, Lord of Garbage. Similar but totally fucking different.

Check out 4:47 – “…and Mr Kim Fowley, a record producer who works with many top punk rock groups, as well as a lady who’s about as far as you can get from New Wave Rock Music, Helen Reddy..and I might say, Kim; you look ridiculous tonight. No, yo-you-youu, you DO look ridiculous tonight.” Thanks Tom.

I often enjoy playing with the idea of the combination and coexistence of opposites, which sometimes leads people to think that I don’t understand the theme at hand.

I understand the theme; love and hate, sex and violence, life and death, ying and yang. Hey, there was even a time when punk-rock and heavy metal didn’t go together, until DRI came along and recorded an album called Crossover.

It’s not about taking the middle road, it’s about pushing things all the way in both directions. At least, I have fun telling myself that.

Last Patrol

September 19, 2013

I acquired a leaked copy of the new Monster Magnet album Last Patrol yesterday morning, and I can confirm it’s something I’ll listen to at least 10 times.

Last night’s show at Filmores was a raging success! As a party/event/rock and roll show, I don’t think it possibly could’ve been any more successful or fun. It was a solid line-up, each band completely suited for the venue.

The room was packed for all 3 bands, and people were actually paying attention to the music, totally eating it up! It probably helped that there was a stripper on stage for the first and third bands, but the bands were great, it’s a nice sounding room, and due to the nature of the establishment, there’s a great view of the stage from every point in the room.

This facebook status says it all:

Muscle Men? or maybe Musclemen?

September 16, 2013

I spent the day recording with Vince, Andrew and Samson.

I was planning to go to see Hall and Oates on Wednesday for the Goose’s birthday, but I’ve got a gig doing sound at Filmore’s on Wednesday that I couldn’t turn down! I will make it up to him.

The night is being organized by the Gillespie Brothers, featuring performances by Dave Gillespie’s band Famous Friends, and Ian Blurton’s new band Public Animal. I’ll be going to Shape Note Singing at Bloor Street United before the show, so my day is going to look something like this:

I’ll have to miss Choir!Choir!Choir! tonight, because HOAX are playing at Parts & Labour tonight, which I’ll be doing sound for.

This is Hoax’s singer Jesse.

He looks kinda like GG Allin in that picture. edit: I met him briefly at the show and he was a lot happy and friendlier than I imagine GG would be.

Rant For A Change

September 12, 2013

When will the rants end?? NEVERRRRRR!! I’ve started a non-profit called Rant For A Change, whose charter and mission statement involves me ranting until I alienate everyone around me. “Everyone” means the ones I hate AND the ones I love. I believe in equality! The current campaign is going really well!! WOOOOOOOO….

Know what I DON’T hate? Choir!Choir!Choir!! We sang this song about hating life on Tuesday. I shot the video, either Nobu or Daveed edited it.

Here’s some pictures I took of us singing at Grolsch’s TIFF Tent last Friday.

I guess because I was at a “party” singing with a choir and taking photos AND I drank 2 beers during the 3 hours I was there, that makes me a “party guy”, right?


I don’t remember what song we were singing when I took these next 2 pictures, but it must’ve been a slow sad one because everyone looks really bummed.

Despite their reactions in these 2 pictures, we had a great great crowd response! I guess if we were singing a sad song then getting introspective is the correct response? You had to be there.


I hope Simone approves of this picture. Some people like to have their pictures taken, other people don’t. I never know.

Because I like to take everyone’s pictures, I often have to weigh the benefits of asking permission vs asking forgiveness. I wouldn’t say that’s how I live my life, but it’s a question that comes up often in photography.

Ahh see there, Nobu just had to work the crowd a bit to get some smiles out of them. Look at him sweat! The passion! The POWER!! THE FURY OF NOBU!!!!!

We should start bringing a stripper pole, and a pair of our own condenser mics to all our future gigs.

Smoking Good Boys Dot Com

September 7, 2013

Here’s today’s McCready Minute: Good Boy Smoking. If anyone wants to run with this idea, the URLs and are both totally available. Be my guest!!

It’s inspired by this video here:

They work well together, if you play them both at the same time.