How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Here’s some pictures from last month that I posted on Facebook but never put up here.

Sex Tears played their third and final show EVER last month in the Shop under Parts & Labour.

The band featured P&L’s Executive Chef Matty Matheson + 2 Cancer Bats and 1 ex-Cancer Bat.

I was really into the show until the GRANDE FINALE when the main speakers got pushed over, microphones and stands began to be smashed and Matty ripped a reasonably expensive LED lighting strip off the ceiling and smashed it to smithereens. Everyone in the room thought it was amazing/hilarious except for me since I FEEL like I’m the one nickle-and-diming it down there, acquiring and fixing gear on the cheap, to try and make it a worthwhile sounding and looking venue. I was soooo bummed, but Matty profusely apologized later and he IS the executive chef, so if anyone is allowed to smash the place up it’s him. If he wasn’t the chef at P&L, I don’t think there would be a punk venue in the basement of this fine dining restaurant. As an artist, it’s important to do things that are worth remembering, and nobody who was there will ever forget that show; it was a pretty epic ending. If you want to make an omelette, you gotta break some eggs…as long as nobody else tries to break any eggs down there! Besides, this all makes a good story doesn’t it? THAT’S WHY I’M TELLING THE STORY. We’re all just trying to bring the danger back to rock and roll!

Here’s a recording of the full 15 minute set from start to finish. Just to spell it out for you, think S.O.D., One Life Crew, Anal Cunt, Sawbill, etc… If you’re “offended”, you’re listening to it wrong.

A couple days later I went out to Peterborough with Sloan, for their last show of the summer. Here they are in their trailer, trying to shake off the pre-show jitters.

Andrew sat outside warming up his fingers, trying to hold it together despite his nervousness and excitement for the BIG SHOW.

As the band prepared for their cue to enter the stage, Mike stood guard, while Chris and Jay hatched an escape plan should some sex-crazed fans try and rush the stage!!

BOOM! The sound of 10,000 fans screaming was nearly deafening and certainly disorienting, but it was no match for the sweet ‘n’ smooth rock ‘n’ roll melodies of Sloan which rang loud and clear across the field!


This is a screenshot of me, Samson, Andrew and Vince (better known as Vince Andrew Samson Tim) jamming last month.

I helped Samson move the other day, which was a topic of the McCready Minute #8 on Wednesday.

George favorited my tweet about that days episode! I think that’s a great omen because I know that George knows a thing or 2 about hosting a show.

He starts shooting Season 10 of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight for CBC this week. Congrats on your 10th Season George!

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