Rant For A Change

When will the rants end?? NEVERRRRRR!! I’ve started a non-profit called Rant For A Change, whose charter and mission statement involves me ranting until I alienate everyone around me. “Everyone” means the ones I hate AND the ones I love. I believe in equality! The current campaign is going really well!! WOOOOOOOO….

Know what I DON’T hate? Choir!Choir!Choir!! We sang this song about hating life on Tuesday. I shot the video, either Nobu or Daveed edited it.

Here’s some pictures I took of us singing at Grolsch’s TIFF Tent last Friday.

I guess because I was at a “party” singing with a choir and taking photos AND I drank 2 beers during the 3 hours I was there, that makes me a “party guy”, right?


I don’t remember what song we were singing when I took these next 2 pictures, but it must’ve been a slow sad one because everyone looks really bummed.

Despite their reactions in these 2 pictures, we had a great great crowd response! I guess if we were singing a sad song then getting introspective is the correct response? You had to be there.


I hope Simone approves of this picture. Some people like to have their pictures taken, other people don’t. I never know.

Because I like to take everyone’s pictures, I often have to weigh the benefits of asking permission vs asking forgiveness. I wouldn’t say that’s how I live my life, but it’s a question that comes up often in photography.

Ahh see there, Nobu just had to work the crowd a bit to get some smiles out of them. Look at him sweat! The passion! The POWER!! THE FURY OF NOBU!!!!!

We should start bringing a stripper pole, and a pair of our own condenser mics to all our future gigs.

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