Muscle Men? or maybe Musclemen?

I spent the day recording with Vince, Andrew and Samson.

I was planning to go to see Hall and Oates on Wednesday for the Goose’s birthday, but I’ve got a gig doing sound at Filmore’s on Wednesday that I couldn’t turn down! I will make it up to him.

The night is being organized by the Gillespie Brothers, featuring performances by Dave Gillespie’s band Famous Friends, and Ian Blurton’s new band Public Animal. I’ll be going to Shape Note Singing at Bloor Street United before the show, so my day is going to look something like this:

I’ll have to miss Choir!Choir!Choir! tonight, because HOAX are playing at Parts & Labour tonight, which I’ll be doing sound for.

This is Hoax’s singer Jesse.

He looks kinda like GG Allin in that picture. edit: I met him briefly at the show and he was a lot happy and friendlier than I imagine GG would be.

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