Castle Garbage

The band I’ve been playing drums in the past few months finally has a name! Castle Garbage.

We recorded 6 songs last Monday which I’ve been working on mixing since then. We settled on a name during band practice on Friday, and burned the band-name list to seal the deal.

The name comes from a painting I have hung in my scotch shrine in my dining room/library. The story goes that my grandfather on my mom’s side was born in Glasgow, his family were house-painters and they found a couple of paintings in the garbage of a castle. My grandfather kept one of them, and his brother got the other one. When my grandfather moved to Canada sometime in the 1930’s, he brought it with him. Now it’s mine. It’s signed and dated B Davis 1916, so the painting wasn’t very old when he found it. One mans trash is another man’s heirloom.

The name also reminds me of the title of Kim Fowley’s autobiography that was released earlier this year, Lord of Garbage. Similar but totally fucking different.

Check out 4:47 – “…and Mr Kim Fowley, a record producer who works with many top punk rock groups, as well as a lady who’s about as far as you can get from New Wave Rock Music, Helen Reddy..and I might say, Kim; you look ridiculous tonight. No, yo-you-youu, you DO look ridiculous tonight.” Thanks Tom.

I often enjoy playing with the idea of the combination and coexistence of opposites, which sometimes leads people to think that I don’t understand the theme at hand.

I understand the theme; love and hate, sex and violence, life and death, ying and yang. Hey, there was even a time when punk-rock and heavy metal didn’t go together, until DRI came along and recorded an album called Crossover.

It’s not about taking the middle road, it’s about pushing things all the way in both directions. At least, I have fun telling myself that.

2 Responses to “Castle Garbage”

  1. Roy Says:

    Can’t wait to hear Castle Garbage!

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