Polaris Music Awards 2013

Lets start off with todays McCready Minute. I’d just gotten up 15 minutes earlier and stumbled my wording right at the beginning buuuuuut that’s the embarrassment I have to suffer sometimes to capture genuine spontaneity. “First Take, No Script” is the name of the game.

Whatevsss, maybe I’m just being a troll. Congratulations to Godspeed, I respect them having the balls to stand up for what they believe in (kinda, but not really). Here’s the full album that won them the prize last night. Listening to it brings me back to the 159 Manning Orchestra’s In C performance from Halloween 2010.

Choir Choir Choir filled in for Tegan and Sara at the Polaris Gala last night. I gave my best Blue Steel for my picture with Barb McIvor when we arrived.

A half hour earlier, when we all first met up in the foodcourt underneath College Park to rehearse before heading upstairs to the event, Nobu said to me “It feels kind of weird performing alongside all these bands when we haven’t done anything”, so I reminded him that we’ve recorded almost 200 songs over the past 2.5 years, and I’m not going to bother listing all the gigs and special events we’ve been involved with. Actually, more than that, fuck the publicity, look at the lives we’ve changed just by doing what we do week after week, month after month. I know it’s been a pillar of calmness and positivity for me as I’ve gone through various stages of losing my mind the past few years.

You can watch the video of our performance at 2:40:13. I’m on the left side of the stage, but my head is DIRECTLY behind Amanda Happe’s for most of the shots. I KNEW I should’ve worn heels!

I stole this gif from the Grid’s article about the awards show.

Tegan and Sara approved of our performance!!

I don’t get invited to music industry events anymore, so I saw a bunch of people I don’t often see these days who all seemed very happy to see me (which made me feel good), AND I saw some great bands perform, so as far as I’m concerned I give the awards a thumbs up.

Here’s Castle Garbage’s first official recording. After spending 3 to 6 hours working on mixes everyday for the past week (I’m guessing I’ve listened to this song 200 fucking times now?!?) the guys decided they preferred the rough mix I did an hour after our session last Monday, September 16th. This is why I tend to think first idea is best idea with me. Do it, move on. Do it, move on. Just get ‘er done.

This is the poster for Saturday’s show. I’ll be playing drums with Castle Garbage at 7pm, and bass with Fill Spectre at 8pm. The description for Castle Garbage should say “Free Jazz Inspired SKATE Punk”. The “skate” in there is important to the description. The show is free. No cover.

If a band I’m in wins the Polaris Music Prize next year, I will NOT tell them to go fuck themselves, and I WILL use my portion of the winnings to pay off my credit card.

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    […] sang and shot video for Choir!Choir!Choir! nearly every Tuesday of the entire year. We sang at the Polaris Music Awards, filling in for Tegan and Sara, and then topped off the year singing for Jian Ghomeshi on Q. […]

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