Jog and a Haircut

I started reading the Ian Svenonius (AKA the Sassiest Boy in America) book I bought this weekend. It starts with an interview with Brian Jones via seance, with his insights about turning your band into a cult, and it is RIGHT up my alley! I would place this book in the same category as Rock and The Pop Narcotic by Joe Carducci.

I was listening to Bry Webb’s record from last year in the living room while I was reading.

I spent the afternoon in my backyard building this baffle, 2 panels framed with 2×4’s, faced with 3/4″ plywood on one side, filled with insulation, faced on the backside with heavy cardboard and covered on both sides with a mexican blanket. The 2 panels are connected with a piano hinge, which I covered with gaff tape on both sides to minimize sound leakage through the (almost non-existent) gap between the 2 panels.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be at Parts & Labour the next 4 nights.

One Response to “Jog and a Haircut”

  1. James Camlis Says:

    I’ve really got to check that book out now Tim, I’ve had that conversation with people about building a cult or cult like religion around bands and stuff ever since I first read Dune.

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