BOOM! McCready Minute #23

After I posted it last night I had an anxiety attack thinking that my friends shooting Minor would think I was being passive aggressive with them (because that would be dick move on my part), but NO. Yesterday was great and I was totally into being asked to shoot with them, and whatever comes out of my mouth in these videos, that’s just the nature of the exercise. I get a rough idea on impulse and then immediately shoot and post. I don’t even know I’m saying, but I’m willing to stick to it. #23 ended up manifesting into 4 parts; dancing, talking about mental health, a dear diary moment of what I did with my day, followed by a quick rant about working freelance.

Here’s the trailer we shot yesterday:

Jay is the one singing in the band, featuring members of his new band The Green Ray. Jay and I also play together in Fill Spectre. Here’s a couple of pictures of us playing at Kops Records 2 last week:

Here’s a picture of me playing drums with my shirt off at Castle Garbage’s debut show earlier that night:

The word is the other guys want to change the name again to Soft Hell, which I’m sort of against on the principal that we burnt the band name list but I’m fine with whatever as long as we don’t change it again.

Here’s a track I recorded and mixed from Tess Parks & Good People’s show at P&L on October 3rd. The song is called Somedays.

I think it sounds pretty good, and it’s a catchy song. It sounds to me like a relaxed Courtney Love fronting a dreamy Shoegaze Britpop band. Listen to the boom-boom-boom of the floor tom at the beginning between 5 seconds and 13 seconds, and the bass that comes in louder 2/3 of the way in. The song builds. Tess is one of the leads in the movie Minor, the movie I helped shoot the Kickstarter trailer for yesterday. They just need an Executive Producer to come in and put the campaign over the top and greenlight production. 48 hours to go! Click here to view the campaign. It’s worth checking out even if you don’t have $$$ to contribute.

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