The Partisan

“It’s been a long time since I post a blog yeahh” duh-na duh-na nah naaaaa Imagine me singing that to the tune of Led Zeppelin’s Rock n Roll. I think this McCready Minute I recorded yesterday may be my favorite one yet, I dedicate it to the memory of Lou Reed (R.I.P.) and his album Metal Machine Music.

I recorded a cover of me singing Leonard Cohen’s song The Partisan on Monday for Remembrance Day. My francais is terrible so I have no idea if the french lyrics I got from the internet even make sense or if I’m pronouncing the words correctly, AND I played it a little too fast, but I do love the song, and I hope that comes across in my performance. Just listen, don’t judge. No vocal effects or processors were used for the cookie monster vocals at 0:45.

Here’s some pictures I took at Noah Mintz’s place last week at the Fat Fat Sounds Living Room Session Vol 1 recording.

The purpose of the night was to have a few artists perform 2 songs each restricted to vocals and acoustic guitar, recorded with a single high quality condenser mic, through a Neve preamp and API compressor, straight onto a half-inch 2-track tape machine. In other words, it’s a really bare-bones recording setup, using extremely high-quality gear. It’s a concept which I find interesting, and I’m looking forward to hearing how the recordings turned out.

Stephen Prickett and his friend whose name I didn’t catch started off the night followed by Stevie Joffe and his friend whose name I didn’t catch either.

Then the big guns came out! Hayden played a couple of his old tunes. He’ll be playing a full set at the Danforth Music Hall on Saturday November 30th.

He was followed by Luke Kuplowsky aka LUKA, who played a couple of songs from his new album “Calling All Cats Black” which was officially released yesterday. You can check out the album steam here.

Brendan Canning played a couple of his new songs accompanied by Rosie June. He’ll be kicking off his North American tour for his new album You Gots 2 Chill on Saturday at Lee’s Palace.

Noah, the host, the man-of-the-hour, closed the evening with a song interspersed with a funny/cute/awkward/endearing story about a girl he used to see everyday at a bakery down the street from his house. It was a really nice vibe that night and a privilege to enjoy the performances in such an intimate setting.

Last Thursday I played a show with Jenna Rogers aka Only Child at Sneaky Dee’s.

We had 7 practices within a span of 2 weeks leading up to the show, so I think we came together really well! I took this picture of Jenna at one of the rehearsals in my basement. I like using smoke machines, black lights and lasers even at practice because it feels like playing in a club at midnight even if it’s 3 in the afternoon.

I’ve posted a couple of upcoming dates she’ll be playing below. I miiiiight be playing the show on the 29th with her, not sure, but definitely not playing the show at the Common. Only Child is still essentially a solo act, but I’m happy to step in on drums or whatever when appropriate to the setting.

I shot this video last night:

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