Soft Hell

Soft Hell played our first real show on Saturday at Cinecycle with Marine Dreams, Dilly Dally and Dog Day.

We actually played a show a couple of months ago at Kops Records on Bloor, but our name was Castle Garbage and NOW our name is Soft Hell so that’s why we were calling it our first reallll show. Personally I prefer the name Castle Garbage but I was outvoted by the other 3 members of the band so we changed it. NOW Magazine printed both names in last weeks’ write-up about Dog Day, so I think Carla agrees with me! Maybe we should just have a bunch of band names?

We got pins made for Soft Hell, so I guess that makes it official? We’ve got merch!! We’ve only got 2 weeks left in 2013, and 80 more pins to sell, but we’ll just pretend it says “Soft Hell Est. 2013”. Or you could think of 2013 as our year, like ’77 punk, or Spirit Of ’69 as a skinhead thing.

I thought it was very synchronistic that we were added to this bill. A few months ago I played my roommate Josh a recording of Only Child that I made with Jenna Rogers and he said “Have you heard Dog Day? This sort of reminds me of them you should check them out”, and then 2 weeks later Vince said “Hey, have you heard of Dog Day? They have really cool pictures of their jam space” or something like that, and then Pesci booked this Dog Day show and asked me to do sound. So I was all “HELL YEAHHHHHH!!” I took this picture of Dog Day playing on Saturday.

Their new record seems to be doing well, it’s number 1 on Exclaim’s Earshot charts.

I ended up buying a copy of their 2011 album Deformer because that’s the one that a few people told me was really good. It is pretty good, I’m listening to it right now!

EDIT: Choir!Choir!Choir! were featured on the National tonight. My parents just called to tell me they saw me on TV!

Since we’re on the subject of me being on TV, I’d like to take this opportunity to re-post my original debut on the CBC; a comedy sketch from Season 8 of the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight Show, in which I got to wear my Notorious B.I.G. jacket, act sketchy, and use the words “condoms” and “porno magazines” on national television. Boo-yaaa!!!

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