NYE 2014 – Details, Details, Details

Is anyone coming to my party? I always get worried about these things. What if I promote too much and too many people come? What if I don’t promote enough and not enough people come and I can’t cover my expenses? In that way, throwing these parties is like gambling for me. I made 50 advance tickets this morning which will guarantee entry. There will also be tickets available at the door, but I can only accommodate about 250 people at a time, so if you don’t buy an advance ticket I would recommend arriving before 11:30 or coming after 1am, but whooo knows how it’ll go? Get in touch with me if you’d like an advance ticket. $10 @ the door, $15 after 1am. LIMITED CAPACITY!

I started setting up the geodesic dome in the backyard last night. I pulled a giant tarp on top of it, and will be putting up a couple other tents today, where the acoustic acts, curated by Fat Fat Sounds, will be playing on NYE. I’ve got LUKA, Noah Mintz, Stephen Prickett, Alan Snoddy, and Jesse Bellon all scheduled to play a few tunes.

The night will start off with a sing-a-long in the living room at 10pm with my dad and I. All classics like Wish You Were Here, the Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Perfect Day, Night Moves etc…

The loud bands will perform in the basement. The Green Ray will play at 11pm.

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs will play at midnight. The video below is from their basement performance on NYE last year!

The band I play drums in, Soft Hell, will perform at 1:30! We got a great review from Joe Strutt/Mechanical Forest Sound this past week. I’ve known Joe for a few years, but until last week the other guys in the band hadn’t met him, they’d only seen him around. When we first started jamming in July they were talking about ways to gauge when you’re a “real” Toronto band like when you see a stranger on the street wearing your t-shirt, when you get a write-up in Now or the Grid, or if Mechanical Forest Sound gives a fuck about your show. We still need to get t-shirts made, but at least we can check 1 of those 3 things off our list!

As for the main floor and upstairs (the FOG ROOM), I’ll have Wayne’s Girls 10:30 to 12:30, DJ’s Jay Share-it and Giles Farnaby 12:30 to 2:30, and DJ’s Joel French and Pat McCormack from 2:30 til ???.

Here’s a walk-through I did around the house last year the night before NYE:

The bar and $2 coat check will both be upstairs. BYOB.

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