So This Is The New Year

Happy New Year! I thought my NYE party was going to be a bit scaled down from previous years, but it was my biggest party ever! 400 people before midnight with a final headcount of 650 when I let security off work at 4am (the party ended at 6am). I think the article on Indie88’s blog was what sent so many people my way, because I think I only recognized about 50 people who came, the rest were all new faces. I felt really good vibes from everyone except the crackhead I had to forcibly remove after 6am once everyone else had the good sense and reason to clear out.

I popped a bottle of Veuve Clicquot at midnight that I’d been saving for exactly 1 year since Raymond Nishimura gifted it to me last NYE.

There were so many highlights throughout the night, like the living room sing-a-long at 10pm which was a huge success, the performances by the Green Ray, and Sam Coffey + the Iron Lungs in the basement, and Buck 65 doing the midnight countdown on the mainfloor. Rich has become a regular fixture at my parties, performing hour-long MC sets in the backyard during my last 3 BBQ’s and DJ sets the past 2 NYE’s.

I sent a limo to pick Samson up from Parts & Labour at 1am, which I thought was pretty ballin’.

Soft Hell’s set at 1:30am was packed! My playing was a bit sloppy, but I forgive myself because I’d been busting my ass non-stop for 3 days getting ready for the party and there was 600 people at my house, so my head was in a few different places at once. Besides that, the crowd response and energy in the room was amazing so what more can you ask for?!

The tent city in the backyard turned out spectacular and was part of the what allowed me to accommodate so many people. I regret not having more pictures capturing the night, but on the other hand it means you just had to be there.

(B+W fog room photo above lifted from Quantel Wronski’s instagram)

Thanks to my dad for all his help, Patrick Biller for bartending, Carolyn Tripp for running the coat check, all the bands, all the DJ’s, Johnny O.C. and Andrew McCall for doing Security, Jessica Thompson for doing door, my roommate Josh for all his help, Noah Mintz, Stephen Prickett, Jesse Bellon and everyone else who participated.

My plans for 2014 are to continue running 5k/day, eating healthy, staying sane, to continue participating with the various musical projects I’m involved with, and hopefully expand my repertoire and experiences even further. It’s day 6 of the new year and I haven’t lost my mind yet, so we’re off to a good start!!

One Response to “So This Is The New Year”

  1. Roy Says:

    Excellent. So glad it turned out well!

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