Winter Picnic

We’re half a month in, and 2014 is treating me well. Last Tuesday January 7th was the first C!C!C! singing of the year, the theme for the week was Britpop wars, Oasis vs Blur. In a surprise victory, Blur won!

Wednesday I practiced guitar all day so I could play a song (Leonard Cohen – the Old Revolution) at the Fat Fat Sounds’ Winter Picnic @ Scouts Honor, 1576 Dundas West. My fingers hurt by the end of the day, I’m more of a piano, bass or drums guy so my fingertips aren’t callus enough to make for easy guitar playing, but I think I pulled it off.

Stephen Prickett kicked of the night with a couple of his own songs. The lineup for the night was coincidentally all the people who were supposed to play in the geodesic dome at my NYE party.

Noah Mintz played next. He and Stephen were the ones who organized/curated the night.

^Jeff Pinto. You wouldn’t believe how dark it was in there. It’s hard to take pictures in the dark! That’s why they photos are less than crisp. You’d never get these shots on an iphone or a cheaper camera without a flash.

^ Luke Kuplowsky AKA LUKA. v Alan Snoddy

There are no pictures of me since I’m the photographer, but I swear I sang a song!

v Jesse Bellon wrapped the night up, then he and I went up to Northwood to catch Justin Peroff DJing some tunes from his personal vinyl collection. Justin and I are currently working on curating and organizing this years’ 159 Manning BBQ together. We’re strongly considering throwing 2 BBQ’s this year; first on on Friday June 13th, and another on Friday June 20th. Ideally I’d have Choir!Choir!Choir! sing at both BBQ’s to tie them together, but aside from that having a totally different lineup for each of the 2 days.

Thursday afternoon I took some photos for the new Bike For Three album, titled So Much Forever. Joëlle Lê makes music under the name Greetings From Tuskan, lives in Belgium and is 1/2 of the project. She took portraits of herself and my aim was to take matching shots of Rich. This is the press shot that Joëlle sent back to me and I think it looks great!

Taking pictures for BFT about 5 years ago is actually how I met Rich in the first place, so it’s nice to still be involved, for the circle to continue. Here’s one of my outtakes from the session.

Here’s the album trailer:

Thursday night Soft Hell played an amazing show Sneaky Dees for Send It Courier’s First Annual Holiday Party! I didn’t get any pictures of that, but the crowd freaked the fuck out, and gave us the best possible response we could hope for. All that practicing we’ve been doing since July is finally paying off now that we’re playing shows. Here’s a few pictures from the show was played at Izakaya Sushi on Sunday which were taken by Sarah Beal on my 5D Mark II.

Here’s a couple pictures I took of the Green Ray that night.

Monday I delivered magazines, Tuesday (yesterday) I had a karaoke band practice with Fraser, Jesse and Craig. Jesse’s guitar playing and his ability to play seemingly any song we come up still blows me away every time we jam. Our first gig at Parts & Labour is just under a month away on Thursday February 13th.

One Response to “Winter Picnic”

  1. deemarino Says:

    Awesome! I heard you guys on a vancouver radio station during the christmas. You all must have such good fun.

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