This and That

Thursday’s karaoke band debut was a huge success! People were eating it up and we made it through our 3 hour set like a bunch of pros! Check out this hot n sexy picture of me that Ryan Laflamme took of me playing keys that night.

I was host/MC and played keys and rhythm guitar, with Fraser McEvoy on drums, Jesse Bellon on lead guitar, and Craig Mailman on bass. There were about 75 people in attendance that night, but EVERYONE in the room was having a good time, people came near the beginning and stayed til the end and I feel like the band has a really good dynamic playing together. I’m excited for us to do more shows. Here’s our set-list from Thursday night:

Our next show is on Thursday March 13th at Parts & Labour, and we’ll be doing a Smiths and Misfits cover-band on Sunday March 30th at P&L for Scott Wade’s birthday. I sing a mean Danzig AND Morrissey impression so this is basically a dream come true for me…but then playing with these guys in general is a dream come true for me. Between this karaoke band, playing drums in Soft Hell and singing in C!C!C!, it feels like my musical aspirations are finally bearing some fruit. Took fucking long enough.

I’ll be doing a solo piano/vocal set, similar to what I did on NYE, at Holy Oak this next Friday Feb 21st at midnight, after a set by Halls Of Devotion. It’s meant to be a sing-a-long type of thing, sort of a cross between karaoke and Choir!Choir!Choir!.

The following Tuesday I’ll be DJing for an hour at this NXNE party. I like that my address is my claim to fame. Emperor-Wizard-Hermit-Pope of the 159 Manning Temple Lodge of The Unholy Crimson Ghost 4 lyfe motherfuckazzzz!!

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