Music Sounds Better With You

Soft Hell are playing Bike Polo Toronto’s Very Special Party this Saturday! The theme is Bicycle Circus Party, so we took this promo photo for it after practice today. UPDATE FRIDAY FEB 28th 2014 – SOFT HELL CAN’T PLAY ANYMORE. TOMORROW’s SHOW IS CANCELLED

Doors are at 10pm, we go on at midnight and it’s only $5 to get in. We’re the only band playing, but there’s a DJ, and there’s bicycle mounted archery, and I think there might be some circus performers? Not 100% sure but I know it’s going to be crazy and weird, so I fully endorse this event!!

I played a solo piano set at Holy Oak on Friday night, I think it went pretty well, but I think it needs the most work out of all my other musical endeavors. Which isn’t so bad, since all the other musical endeavors I’m involved with are FUCKING AWESOME!!. Matt Cowley took this picture of me during my set.

Sunday afternoon I went to a shape note singing at Frank Griggs apartment. He lives in the same building Glenn Gould used to live in. We sang from the Northern Harmony songbook, which is a change from the Sacred Harp songbook we usually sing from at the monthly sings at Bloor Street United Church.

It was a bit more difficult to sing from this songbook because it seemed like the group was generally less familiar with the material compared to the Sacred Harp, but a good time was had by all!

Other than that I’ve just been painting and doing a few other odd jobs.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

4 Responses to “Music Sounds Better With You”

  1. Torben & Patrick and pooch. Says:

    Hey Emperor Wizard. Dane and Ruperthemoose, two Yanks are going to be in Toronto this Friday night (patrick has a photoshoot to do on sunday around niagra) can yeah suggest a good dive around the kensignton are where we can abuse our livers and raise hell, see a band, stay warm or combination of everything.

  2. Torben & Patrick and pooch. Says:

    We’ll probably stop by Parts and Labor for a drink and some eats, (correction) were actually staying 3 minutes away from there. Food looks good

  3. Torben & Patrick Says:

    Small world the guy were stashing with knows yeah. Alex Ross

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