9 Pictures From Tuesday Night

I played a few songs on the turntables at the big NXNE announcement party thingie on Tuesday! Here’s 9 photos I took with my 5D Mark II.

Justin was the first DJ of the night. Hi Justin!

*muah* *muah* *muah*

Oh Justin, you’re soooo funnyyyyy and sexy!!

Suuuup Coral?

Chris looks like he’s wasted here, but he’s just blinking. It was the beginning of the night. I figured it’s still okay to post it because Coral and Cheryl both look hot and only girls complain about the way they look in pictures.

Mar: “Tim don’t take my picture.” Ivy: “..and then I was like pfft it’s so small I can barely see it! ROFLOL!!”

Let’s ignore Tim and maybe he’ll stop taking pictures of us.

Dude, I can’t see anything with your flash blasting in my face.

Crispin told me I looked like a crazy person (duh!) but based on the 8 song set I DJed that night, I got another gig DJing before the Toronto premier of the Goldfrapp documentary at Hotdocs on Wednesday March 26th!!! Buy tickets here! COME!

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