Teenagers From Marrs

The gig on Sunday was amazing! Everything I hoped it would be. My life-long musical aspirations of singing Smiths, Misfits and Minor Threat covers in a dirty dingy basement were finally fulfilled. It only took me 20 years of playing in and documenting shitty bands that nobody else but me gave or gives a fuck about to make this one night happen!! Wooooo…..

We dragged Chris Colohan (Burning Love, ex-Left For Dead, ex-Cursed) up to sing the Minor Threat songs with us, which I think is pretty brag-worthy.

Fraser photoshopped together this representation of our band for Sunday night. I think it looks pretty bad-ass. The Smithfits brand is Scott Wade’s thing, so next time we do a Misfits/Smiths covers set we’ll have to bill ourselves as Teenagers From Marrs. Get it? Teenagers from Mars is a Misfits song, and Johnny Marr was the guitar player in the Smiths. Get it?! Not nearly as good a name as Smithfits, but still pretty clever if you ask me. OR if we ever do an all-Misfits covers set, we could bill ourselves as The Fake Misfits, but then people might think we’re the actual current Misfits…but that’s what makes it funny!

I recorded a live-off-the-floor demo of us playing This Charming Man last week in my basement. I think it turned out pretty good considering we’re just a karaoke band, and this was the 3rd time we’d ever played the song together.

Our next karaoke night is Thursday April 24th @ the Press Club, and then we’ll return to Parts & Labour on Thursday May 15th.

One Response to “Teenagers From Marrs”

  1. Roy Says:

    I love everything about this!

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