Why Am I Doing This?!?

I’ve come up with a theme for this years BBQ’s; WHY AM I DOING THIS?!

It’s a serious, hypothetical, funny and existential question all at once! Riddle me this. I’m trying to figure out how to curate, organize and finance these 2 parties so it’s ACTUALLY a fun experience for everyone involved, that enough people ACTUALLY WANT to come to, and how I can do it without losing money. I can’t afford to lose money on this because I currently make less than $20k/year, soooo…..

I’ve got Buck 65, Biblical, the Golden Dogs and a lot of other first-rate bands and artists all committed to performing; Justin Peroff’s been a huge support in pulling this all together; M for Montreal is putting a lot of their resources towards the BBQ on June 20th; and NXNE has arranged for Death Hymn Number 9 and MAS YSA to play. Everyone’s interest and support means so much to me, I’m just worried because I want the BBQ’s to both be SO FUCKING AWESOME from start to finish, and anything less than that is going to be a disappointment to me.

This is the paradox, I call my karaoke band “Good Enough” because we’re going for silver and bronze, quantity over quality. 3.5 hour sets with 120 songs of various genres in our repertoire, and getting out there and doing it. Performance over practice (though there is a shit-tonne of practicing involved). It’s about the attitude, having amateur singers get up and give it. Loving the songs and putting yourself into it, and having a good time are more important than a perfect performance. In contrast the BBQ’s are going for the gold, all killer no filler.

Speaking of karaoke; THIS THURSDAY, April 24th, the Good Enough KARAOKE BAND will be performing at the Press Club. Our guitar player Jesse Bellon put his MFA from York University (specializing in experimental video), to use and put this 2 minute clip together of our Karaoke band performance in February. It’s fun learning this many songs so quickly in such a wide variety of styles, especially since this is the first band I’ve ever played guitar in (besides Feral Cell, which doesn’t really count).

This. Thursday. April. 24th. At. The. Press. Club. 850 Dundas St W.

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