#159BBQ2K14 – M for 159 Manning

The poster (center illustration by James Mejia of Hand Drawn Dracula Records) and tickets are ready for the 6th annual 159 Manning BBQ(s)! I dropped off tickets for both dates to Rotate This and Soundscapes. I would highly recommend buying advance tickets this year since the FB event for the 13th already has 623 people listed as attending and there’s no way I can fit that many people in my backyard.

I’m partnered with NXNE and M for Montreal for the June 20th BBQ, which among other things, means there’s an allowance for 50 NXNE wristbands/badges to gain entry that day!!

While the 13th is not “officially” partnered with NXNE, it IS the first official day of the festival (June 13th – 22nd) and since it’s been so great working with them pulling this all together, I will allow 20 NXNE wristbands entry into the BBQ on June 13th. Let’s call it an unofficial NXNE festival kick off party!!!

I’ll be moving the geodesic dome to the very back of the yard (NOT leaving it in front of the stage), and I’ve got a few large tents and tarps, so while I’m praying for beautiful weather for both dates like I’ve had the past 5 years (knock on wood), I’m prepared to make these parties happen rain or shine. Fingers crossed.

More details soon.

2 Responses to “#159BBQ2K14 – M for 159 Manning”

  1. NXNE | Showcase: M for Montreal & 159 Manning BBQ – June 20 - NXNE Says:

    […] More news on 159 Manning (plus information on the June 13 unofficial NXNE kickoff) over here. […]

  2. fraser douglas Says:

    Hey Tim, I met Nobu at the Bar Colonel last night, he’s with Choir!, he mentioned the 159 manning event on Friday and I wanted to ask you if you mind if I drop in around 2pm to cover the event for snapd. We are a community based paper/web presence who cover community events in 68 communities.

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