Minor Treat

Back in June, Chris Murphy did a set of Minor Threat songs at the 159 Manning BBQ with my karaoke band Good Enough. All the material that day was from the band’s first two 7″ records. The reason we did this is because he and I are both big fans of the band, so why not?

We’re getting the band back together tomorrow to play the album Out Of Step, which represents the 2nd half of Minor Threat’s career. Why are we doing this? Because we love Minor Threat, so why not? Plus it’s a holiday toy drive. This is my poster:

This is Scott’s poster:

A few weeks ago Good Enough Live Karaoke (AKA Taxxx) backed up Buck 65 at the Danforth Music Hall, which got great reviews on A Music Blog Yea?, Exclaim and a bunch of other places, so we’re getting the band back together for NYE @ 159 Manning!! It was pretty exciting for all of us to play to a crowd of over 1000 people as part of the headlining act of the night, and I think it’ll be exciting for us to rip it up for 100 people in my basement on NYE.

I’ve also confirmed a NYE performance by the Milk Lines. Last time Jeff Clarke played in the basement at 159 Manning was on Halloween 2008 night at 5am. Mark Pesci was there and was the drunkest I’ve ever seen him before or since. I have a vague memory of him puking into a popcorn bowl. I think that might’ve been the night that caused him to give up drinking?

Jeff and I had an art show together back in 2008, at which neither of us sold anything. Maybe Jeff can bring some of those unsold paintings to sell on NYE. Hopefully their value has skyrocketed over the past 6 years.

There will be DJ sets on the main floor on NYE by Justin Peroff, Sunclef (both of whom played on Buck 65’s most recent album Neverlove) and Elaquent, with a late nite DJ set by TAIZA! There’ll also be performances in the basement by Green Rays and Wave of Terror. More info to come soon!!

I’ve started experimenting more with songwriting on my Triton Studio keyboard.


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