Look at this picture of me! It’s funny because I ate a nibble of mushrooms about an hour before this picture was taken and now it looks like how it would if the viewer were tripping on mushrooms.

Tonight Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE are playing at Casbah in Collingwood for the 3rd time! It’ll be me on rhythm guitar and keys, Eric Woolston on drums, Del Cowsill on bass, and Danny Gorman on lead guitar. 4 piece band.

Our next Toronto show is Thursday July 23rd, making our Kensington Market debut at Supermarket!! It’ll be the same band as we’re doing in Collingwood tonight except Del will play rhythm guitar because Craig Mailman will be on bass, and Alan Snoddy will also be there part of the night playing lead guitar. 5.5 piece band.

Fill Spectre have been making some new recordings with Ian Sattler engineering at his studio over the past week and a half. We’ll be playing a free show with Colaheads and the Graffiti Crimes on Saturday July 25th at Redlight. Fill Spectre features Jason Sherritt on lead vox and rhythm guitar, Travis Kiid on lead guitar, Jesse Bellon on lead guitar, me on bass, and Matthew Cosgrove on drums. 5 piece band.

One Response to “Look!”

  1. Ray McCready Says:

    Hi son,
    Where are you playing in the picture? Who did the body paint? Awesome!! Just the way the pic is taken it looks like your guitar has a Unicorn on the end.
    I was trying to arrange to meet you in Collingwood tonight but the other guy who said he wanted to hear you cancelled on Thurs. I hope you had a great time.
    Love U , Dad.

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