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Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE for President!!

September 23, 2015

After taking most of August and September off from playing shows, we’re making moves again in Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE-land!

We’ve got a new shirt that’s available for pre-order arriving mid-October. It’s a tribute to Guns ‘N’ Roses – “the Spaghetti Incident?”, one of the WORST albums by any band ever, by one of the BEST bands ever! We’re not going to be so bold as to say “Our band is like Appetite-For-Destruction-era GNR!” because…you just can’t say that. Nobody can say that. BUT if we say “Our band is like Guns’n’Roses! …Spaghetti-Incident-era GNR!” I don’t forsee anyone trying to take that away from us. The only snag is this idea is that the only GNR songs we play are from Appetite and the Use Your Illusions, but on the other hand Spaghetti Incident is an album of mediocre punk covers; and (compared to the other members of GELK) I’m a mediocre musician, I grew up listening to punk, and we’re essentially a cover band soooo it works on that level. Whatever, it’s supposed to be funny. I think it’s funny, and that’s all that matters to me.

The design will be printed on white tee’s for 2 reasons. First reason is I like white shirts. I stopped buying black t-shirts a few years ago because I had too many. Second reason is that people are sometimes hesitant to buy white band t-shirts because they don’t know how to put food in their mouths OR use bleach and know that their shirt will soon be covered in coffee and pasta stains. WELL, we’re already covering the shirt in spaghetti so get over it and celebrate your true nature as a slob and buy our shirt!

We’re only doing a run of 25 shirts because I want to get rid of them immediately, not hold onto a bunch of merch inventory. That’s one of the best things about playing in Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE. The band gets paid when we play shows, and then we split that money up and put it in our wallets. We don’t hoard the money in a band fund to pay for merch we can’t sell or some other bullshit. We get paid $$ to pay for our rent and phone bills and car insurance and groceries and drugs and save for retirement. That’s what rock and roll is about!


Yes, it’s true we’re opening for a screening of Madonna’s Truth Or Dare, one of the most controversial movies of the 90’s!! It’s the same night as Nuit Blanche but isn’t officially associated. Doors at 8pm, at 8:30pm we’ll be performing a LIVE KARAOKE set of Madonna covers featuring singers from the audience, with the lyrics projected on the big screen so the crowd can sing along! The film starts at 9:30pm, and then we have to rush our asses and gear over to Junction City Music Hall for our regular monthly there starting at 10:20pm and then play until 2:20pm.

We’ve got a few private events during October, but after Oct 3rd our next public event is Thursday October 29th at Supermarket in Kensington Market. The following day on Friday October 30th AKA Devils night, we play Death To T.O. V with Chris Murphy from Sloan on vocals!!

GELK teamed up with Chris during Dec holiday season 2014 for a charity toy-drive at Parts & Labour, to perform Minor Threat’s only full-length LP Out of Step from start to finish. Wade McNeil even interviewed Chris, Jesse and I about it on his radio show the day of the toy-drive, just a few hours before we played!

For Death To T.O. V, we’ve put the exact same lineup of the band as Out of Step back together. We’re excited to play another one of Chris’ favorite albums, Descendents – Milo Goes To College, + maybe few other of our favorite tracks! We’ll see! Here’s a video of us playing back in Dec:

Here’s Milo Goes To College so you can listen to the songs for the next month and be in on what we’re doing this Oct 30th.