Double Barrel Kombucha

I’ve been brewing Kombucha on and off for about a year now and my SCOBY has been getting really thick.

A new layer forms on top of the SCOBY with each new batch brewed, which is why it’s been getting so thick. I decided to pick up a second 2.5-gallon jar from Honest Ed’s this morning and split the SCOBY and starter tea into 2 batches.

I also picked up a giant 4-gallon metal pot from Value Village a few days ago, so I can boil all the tea for both batches at once. It was only $15!

I was able to make 12 bottles from last weeks batch, and used Andrea’s juicer to flavor them. We put fresh ginger in all of them, and made 3 flavours: Apple Cinnamon, Clementine, and Mango-Rasberry-Strawberry. I brought some in to P&L last night to share with the kitchen staff. They all seemed to like it, and Brent said it was the best Kombucha he’d ever had so I took that as a high compliment.

UPDATE: I put the top 3 layers of the SCOBY which looked very thick and healthy into the new jar but it doesn’t seem too stoked on its new home. It’s the one of the left, sitting at the bottom of the jar. Hopefully it’ll adjust in the next day or so and rise to the occasion.

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