I’m Going Through Changeh-eh-ezzzzzz…

WOWWWWWW the past couple weeks have been huge for Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE. Last Saturday, October 17th we played our first wedding, for our friends JP and Leilah. They met at one of our gigs at P&L when the band was first starting out, and sang a duet of Weezer – El Scorcho together that night. It only made sense for us to play their wedding too.

We played 2x 90 minute sets; before and after their vows, and learned a couple of Radiohead songs for their first dance; Weird Fishes, and Reckoner.

I often get worried before we play private events that not enough people attending know there’s going to be a karaoke band playing, and that they won’t be mentally prepared to sign up to sing (as opposed to when people come to our bar gigs, because they’re coming specifically to see the band and sing), that we’re going to have to fill the time singing all the songs ourselves. Good news: THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN! It never happens, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about it. We had a steady stream of singers, people were into it, the ceremony was beautiful, the bride and groom were happy, alls well that ends well.

We finished the evening with JP and I doing a duet of the Smiths – This Charming Man.

This past Wednesday October 21st we played the opening gala for the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario at the Sheridan Centre at 123 Queen Street West. We even had a catered V.I.P. room just for the band!

We had a request to open with Wings – Live And Let Die (we played the Guns N Roses version) which I sang, and the rest of the gig went great! Lots of enthusiastic singers, great crowd, and we played well!

Special shout-out to our Booking Agent, Jenn Cowan at Resonance Productions for pulling it all together for us that night. Couldn’t have done it without you!

This Thursday October 29th, we’ll be playing Supermarket in Kensington Market, releasing our new Spaghetti Incident t-shirt design, which we asked Ben Daiken to model for us. I think he looks very sexy wearing it.

Friday we’re playing a set of Descendents covers at Lee’s Palace, whose record Milo Goes To College I’ve been listening to over and over to burn the songs into my brain.

For archiving purposes, it’s worth mentioning our amazing gig back on Labour Day weekend back in September. We took a drive down to Erieau, just outside a Chatham, to play an event called Rockeoke On The Beach which was organized by a very industrious young man named Chris Luis. This guy definitely knows how to throw a party. He takes photos, does video production, builds houses…HE DOES IT ALL!!

There were thousands in attendance, we played a 4 hour set, everyone loved it, we felt like rock stars…

That’s my rig; acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, song-chart book and ipad for charts. Really hoping to finish scanning/saving all the charts from my binder to my iPad soon so I can stop bringing the binder to shows.

This is jusssst before we started playing.

Anywayyyyys, I’m excited for all our upcoming shows, and thankful for all the opportunities we’ve had so far to play to such supportive enthusiastic audiences.

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