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Mid-March 2016 Update

March 16, 2016

It’s been relatively quiet for me since the big NYE party here at 159 Manning, but things are about to pick up again! The biggest news I have is my upcoming party at the Gladstone Hotel! I will write a separate post in the next couple days with alllll the details, but in the meantime check out this poster designed by Kimi Kimo!

Jesse Bellon, Matt Cosgrove and I have been jamming on Monday nights for the past month, recording improvised instrumental jams. The 3 of us were playing together in Fill Spectre for over a year, and Jesse and I have clocked at least a couple hundred hours on stage together with Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE over the past 2 years, so I think we’ve developed a certain musical rapport. This project is the exact opposite of live karaoke.

Maybe we’ll go back over these jams and rearrange the parts into more concise pop songs, or chop up the stems and loop them in Ableton, OR maybe we’ll just keep improvising and recording new material every Monday and let these recording be what they are. Who knows? For now, we’re not putting any boundaries on our material. What’s important is 1. I like jamming in my basement 2. I like listening back to the recordings we make, and 3. I like blogging about it. Holy shit, I just did all 3 of those things, and will probably do it again next week.

If you happen to be a female singer/frontperson, and you listen to the track posted above and are interested in collaborating with us, reach out! Sorry dudes, we’re not interested in men unless you’re Drake or Justin Bieber.

Tomorrow, Thursday March 17th, Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE will play the Rivoli for St Patricks Day! I think we’re starting early, like 9pm. It’s my first time playing at the Rivoli! One of our core members, Eric Woolston, will be back in the drum seat after spending the past 3 months in Brazil with his wife Amanda Paixao. It’ll be his 2nd time playing the Rivoli this week, since his reggae band The Human Rights had their record release show there on Saturday! Check out this video that I shot and co-edited for them in the summer, directed and starring Amanda Paixao.

I’m excited to present Good Enough’s new death metal logo designed by Glorious Gorification! I’m very very happy with it. I specifically asked for semi-legible. Being too easy-to-read would miss the point of having a death metal logo made at all, but since 90% of our audience have no idea who Napalm Death or Darkthrone are, it does need to be SEMI-legible.

FINAL NEWS OF THE DAY: This Saturday evening I’ll be playing keys at the Smiling Buddha with Wave of Terror, opening for our pals in The Lord Almighty’s and Pale Lips!! Stoked to play, stoked to see the other bands.