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Tears Dry On Their Own

March 20, 2017

Good Enough LIVE Karaoke are performing a tribute show on Wednesday to Amy Winehouse’s album Back To Black. It’s not actually a live karaoke night because Michelle Treacy is singing the whole album, but whatever, read the fine print. I’m not going to have a bunch of wildly different names for the same band just because we’re doing something different here and there. My events are always about the details.


Craig, Jesse, Fraser and I have done a learned a number of albums over the past 2 or 3 years, each performed live only once each. We’ve done Minor Threat – First Two 7″‘s, Minor Threat – Out Of Step, Descendents – Milo Goes To College, Buck 65 – Neverlove, Pearl Jam – Ten, Nirvana – Nevermind, Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill, and THIS time we’re doing Amy Winehouse – Back To Black featuring Michelle Treacy on vocals! We’ve also added Patric McGroarty on trumpet, Ruhee Dewji on baritone sax and flute, and Maurie on guitar.


I was interviewed in the current issue of NOW Magazine, currently on the street around Toronto! Hooray I’m famous now, for something other than throwing house parties!!