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Macready as Macbeth

April 28, 2009

I bought this book today for 99 cents at the Salvation Army and found this picture inside of William Charles Macready. I wonder if I’m related to him? The guy with the big beard in my icon is my great-great-grandfather McCready. From what I understand he was an orphan, and came to Canada from Scotland. The McCready family has been in Canada for 5 generations, but the spelling of the name has changed a few times over the years. We also have a few ties to the family name Moorehead in the past 5 generations.

Inspired by Gavin McInnes writing about his recent trip to Scotland, I also got this book for $2 a few weeks ago. The closest name I could find to McCready was Macrae.

I was told a couple of times growing up that my mom’s side of the family is related somehow to the mistress of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, Jean Armour, but I looked up her Wikipedia entry for the first time today, and found out she was actually his wife, not his mistress and had 9 kids with him. He had 4 illegitimate children with other women. My Grandpa Armour was born around 1912 and died in 1978. There’s about 80 years between her death and my grandfather being born, but considering he had the family name Armour, we’re not in the Burns bloodline.

Early 80’s Cartoon Themes + Turmoil In The Toybox

October 29, 2007

I watched these old 80’s cartoon themes last night and explosions were going off in my head. I haven’t seen these for years, but when I was a little kid I was obsessed with cartoons, especially Saturday morning cartoons.

The theme songs are almost in a genre of their own. They’re like surreal music videos.

It was only kindergarden and grade 1 that I was home on Saturday mornings, since I was out recycling papers by grade 2, but the memories I have of being so obsessed with the characters and storylines are still really vivid to me. Two of my favorite were HeMan and Thundercats, which I wasn’t allowed to watch because He-Man got his powers from GreySkull instead of God, and Thundercats were people mixed with animals which reminded my dad of pagan gods so they were off limits too.

I remember this book Turmoil in the Toybox being in our church library. It’s about the world being terrible and evil instruments of wickedness meant to indoctrinate your children into worshipping Satan. You can buy it on starting at 1cent.

I’d never heard of this other book, Fourteen Things Witches Hope Parents Never Find Out until today, but it’s along the same lines and is pretty amazing. It just goes to show you, no matter how crazy and half-assed the idea you’re promoting is, there will always be someone out there who will buy what you’re selling.

new books!

July 27, 2007

Here’s some of the books I’ve picked up in the past few weeks.

The Third Mind is only a loaner from Tasman Richardson. I started reading the first chapter and already it’s so heavy, but good. As soon as a read a page I want to get stoned and think about it for 3 hours.

I’m about halfway through Wired, the John Belushi story. I read on Wikipedia that his wife Judy, Dan Akroyd and others that were close to him were really helpful with being interviewed for the book but they were all pissed off with the final result and didn’t feel the book represented the Belushi they knew. It’s still a good read.

I’m stoked to read the insults and theories of comedy books. I’ve already read an expose book about Scientology called Bare Faced Messiah that was really good but I figured it was only a dollar so I may as well add it to my collection.

Rockschool with Herbie Hancock

May 31, 2007

These movies were released in 1987 by Roland Electronics in the UK and hosted by Herbie Hancock. It features interviews and instructional segments with people like Lemmy from Motorhead, Bootsy Collins, and Andy Summers from the Police, and performances by Bronski Beat, Gang of Four and Siouxie and the Banshees. I borrowed these a few times in highschool from Riverside Library. When I found them for sale in the basement there in 1997, I freaked because they were only $1 each and I got the entire set!!!!

Edge of Quarrel in a punks vs straightedge movie starring members of and features performances by Murder City Devils, Botch, and Rocky Votalato. It’s pretty terrible but there’s no other punks vs straight-edge movies, so what can you do?

I found this Hymn Video Magazine in Vancouver when I was working on cruise ships. It’s also terrible, but there is one segment about dumpster diving that’s pretty funny. I don’t know if it’s real or fake, but it’s hilaire.

The Misfits is an okay movie. The crazy thing is all 3 stars were dead within a few months of the movie finishing production.

Another favorite series of mine. All American Advertising, broken down by decade. I’m only missing 30’s and 40’s from the set. It’s broken down into sections like Alcohol and Tobacco, Automotive, and Entertainment. It’s great watching how things have progressed when it comes to trying to influence people and spread a message.


May 31, 2007

It could be just my family and the people I had to associate with that believed Satanism was a big threat in the 80’s, but here’s some fine examples of where that came from.

Sybil isn’t really a Satanic Panic book, but it forshadows Michelle Remembers and Satan’s Underground where it’s supposed to be a true story (but it’s not) and crazy people build their whole life philosophy on it. This was really pushed to Evangelical Christians in the 80’s by Focus on the Family and sensationalized on TV by Geraldo Rivera. Of course Geraldo was also great because he had shows featuring GG Allin and getting his broken by skinheads.

Speaking of GG, I’ve watched this documentary probably 30 times now and it still blows my mind. GG’s birth name was Jesus Christ Allin, because his father was insane and said his son was going to be special. GG started playing music in his teens and went apeshit around the time he was 30 and started shitting on stage, fighting and sexually assuaulting audience members. The best part of this dvd is the bonus feature of his last show and the riot that followed, the day before he died. I thought about that show for weeks after I’d seen it for the first time.

Hell’s Bells in another video I can watch over and over and over. It’s a christian anti-rock music educational video. I was probably first shown the tape when I was 12, which is where I learned about every obscure band under the sun that had any sort of satanic reference, like Venom, Christian Death, the Plasmatics, etc… The host, Eric Holmberg must’ve spent years researching and editing this thing, since it’s 8 FUCKING HOURS LONG!! He made a bunch of other videos against abortion, homosexuality, and other fundamentalist topics that I haven’t seen yet, and is also still available for speaking engagements. I would freak out if I ever had the chance to go see him.

And finally, TV Carnage. This one is about mind control and other shit I love. It doesn’t get a description here. It’s just awesome. I have 20 copies in the closet in my room. Feel free to buy one from me.

Tim’s Library Hall of Fame

May 29, 2007

I haven’t read most of these books in 10 years, but here’s what I remember about them. (and please note what good condition most of these books are still in!)

These were part of the Rockpress Publishing series. Gary Hustawit wrote a few of these and was the publisher. Now he runs Plexifilm. There were other titles in the series like Book Your Own Tour by Liz Garo, and the Musicians Guide to the Internet. They were all published in the late 90’s. Networking in the Music Industry had interviews with people like Greg Ginn from SST/Black Flag, Brett Gurewitz from Epitaph/Bad Religion, Daniel House from C/Z Records, Bob Guccione Jr from Spin and people like that. Pretty radddd.

When I was 19, Get In the Van blew my mind. A 20 year old Henry Rollins lives in DC and is best friends with Ian Mackaye from Minor Threat. They are both in love with Black Flag from out in LA. Black Flag comes out to the east coast, play some shows, and ask Rollins to join the band. He quits his shitty job, tells his dad he’s leaving and spends the next 6 years of his life going through hell touring with Black Flag. I decided when I read it, that that was exactly how I wanted to live my life. It hasn’t happened the way I planned but I could be doing worse.

I also read the Satanic Bible when I was 19, which was a contributing factor to me losing my faith in Christianity. I realized Satanism had nothing do to with what I’d been taught it did, and was only published in 1969. It reads quick and makes some sense, so it’s worth reading if you never have before.

Hot Ass is a collection of stories by Chris Estey including the time he told Henry Rollins to get in the van, and the time he burst one of his own testicles. You will never find this anywhere.

I’ve posted about my love for the RE/search collection of books before, but I can’t say enough. These books are unbelievable. This one features William S Burroughs, Bryon Gysin who was buddies with Burroughs for many years and invented the Dreamachine and the cut-up method of writing. Or maybe it’s called cut-up editing. Throbbing Gristle were fans/disciples of both Burroughs and Gysin, had a song called Dreamachine, and invented industrial music. Blah blah blah.

These are great. The shitty crime infested side of Hollywood from way back to the beginning and forward. Ian Clary gave me Hollywood Babylon in highschool if I remember correctly.