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Boy Of Summer

April 27, 2009

I cut Alex’s bangs on Friday and I cut my own hair last night. I usually just chop the fuck out of my hair because I figure it’ll grow in a week anyways, but I made an effort to make it look good this time since I’ve started cutting other people’s hair too.

“Michelsea” haircut video coming soon!

I picked up some more VHS tapes today at Salvation Army.

Here’s an assignment asked me to do during SXSW about a band from Mexico City called Chikita Violenta. Adrienne edited and shot 2nd camera.

So the Kids Can Do The Air Guitaaaaarrrr!!!!

April 23, 2009

I picked up a bunch of used VHS tapes on the weekend.

I didn’t know there was a sequel to American Graffiti, but this was executive produced by George Lucas and features most of the cast from the original, except for Richard Dreyfuss. It’s the only one of these tapes I haven’t watched yet.

Luke’s Peep Show blows my mind. It’s Luke from 2 Live Crew interviewing Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Tupac, Suge Knight, Lil Kim with videos by Too Short, Sir-Mix-Alot, Shabba Ranks and more. All segments throughout feature horny naked black strippers. When I watched this on Sunday night I thought I’d been oblivious to something everyone already knows about, but every person I’ve asked in the past few days has never heard of it before! It’s like the new holy grail! Luke is the newest member of my canon of marketing geniuses.

I thought I hated Royal Canadian Air Farce, I just bought this video to irritate myself, but I think it’s so funny, I’m questioning now if I’ve ever seen the show before and if I’m just thinking of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which I DO think is completely not funny.

There’s something about this McDonalds video, I watched it last night, that is pure perfection.

My favorite era of Saturday Night Live is 90-93. The first time I saw the Wayne Gretzky episode where he works as a singing hockey playing waiter at a Hawaiian restaurant I laughed and laughed and laughed.

There’s a really funny sketch making fun of Neil Young on the Air Farce tape but I can’t find it on youtube so we’ll have to settle for this Nickelback one.

Found Photos 1

October 27, 2007

I found all these pictures today at a bus stop. I noticed a huge stack of photos sitting next to the garbage bag on the bench as I was biking by. I had to make 2 trips to get them all, the picture of the garbage is in between the first and second trip. There was nobody around, and it was about to rain too so I figured if I left them there the photos would all be ruined anyways.

I assume a hobo was going through this a big bag of garbage looking for treasure and then took off to find some crack.

I’ll post some more tomorrow.

new books!

July 27, 2007

Here’s some of the books I’ve picked up in the past few weeks.

The Third Mind is only a loaner from Tasman Richardson. I started reading the first chapter and already it’s so heavy, but good. As soon as a read a page I want to get stoned and think about it for 3 hours.

I’m about halfway through Wired, the John Belushi story. I read on Wikipedia that his wife Judy, Dan Akroyd and others that were close to him were really helpful with being interviewed for the book but they were all pissed off with the final result and didn’t feel the book represented the Belushi they knew. It’s still a good read.

I’m stoked to read the insults and theories of comedy books. I’ve already read an expose book about Scientology called Bare Faced Messiah that was really good but I figured it was only a dollar so I may as well add it to my collection.


July 20, 2007

I have 3 shoe boxes of shit that I’ve saved over the years.

This is a piece of Getalong Gang wrapping paper, from about 1986. I used to have a Getalong Gang pencil case too. I still have it somewhere. The Superhero Stamps are from the 90’s. My question is why do they have Superman in with all these uber-Canadian superheros that nobody has ever heard of before?

I have a box with all the handwritten letters or notes people have ever given me. I never go back and read them, but they’re there. And it’s only a shoebox full. The MC Hammer hologram is from a cereal box. When people come over and look at my stuff I try and take it, it really pisses me off. It’s the prize of my collection!

In 4th Grade I wrote a 3 minute speech for my class about fads and trends. I’d noticed how things would change in value from one year to another like how comic books became worth a lot of money for awhile, and then a couple of years later sports cards were worth a ton of money and comic books weren’t worth much anymore. I wanted to think of something stupid that nobody would ever collect that I could save for 20 years and then be the only person who had that stuff, and maybe it would be worth a lot of money, so I started saving cereal box toys. Unopened in mint condition. I still have a whole shoebox of cereal box toys that I’ve collected ever since. 20 years later, these things aren’t worth anything, but I am the only guy who has them. I’M THE ONLY GUY THAT HAS THEM!!!!

Rockschool with Herbie Hancock

May 31, 2007

These movies were released in 1987 by Roland Electronics in the UK and hosted by Herbie Hancock. It features interviews and instructional segments with people like Lemmy from Motorhead, Bootsy Collins, and Andy Summers from the Police, and performances by Bronski Beat, Gang of Four and Siouxie and the Banshees. I borrowed these a few times in highschool from Riverside Library. When I found them for sale in the basement there in 1997, I freaked because they were only $1 each and I got the entire set!!!!

Edge of Quarrel in a punks vs straightedge movie starring members of and features performances by Murder City Devils, Botch, and Rocky Votalato. It’s pretty terrible but there’s no other punks vs straight-edge movies, so what can you do?

I found this Hymn Video Magazine in Vancouver when I was working on cruise ships. It’s also terrible, but there is one segment about dumpster diving that’s pretty funny. I don’t know if it’s real or fake, but it’s hilaire.

The Misfits is an okay movie. The crazy thing is all 3 stars were dead within a few months of the movie finishing production.

Another favorite series of mine. All American Advertising, broken down by decade. I’m only missing 30’s and 40’s from the set. It’s broken down into sections like Alcohol and Tobacco, Automotive, and Entertainment. It’s great watching how things have progressed when it comes to trying to influence people and spread a message.