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4th of July 4 track Recording

July 4, 2009

I’m pretty excited about working in wordpress now.

I can post songs! I just recorded this song on my iphone 4 track for Adrienne.
She’s going to use it as the score for one of her youtube videos. I call it Adrienne’s Song.

The Bang Bangs played with the Job at Graffiti’s last night. It was super fun! I think we’re going to play more shows with the Job.

The Man Who Was Thursday

July 27, 2007

I recently found a tape with a bunch of music I recorded in my parents basement in 1997/98 when I was 19. It was recorded on a digital 8-track, all linear recording, no edits, no samples. This was a 6 month era of my life when I had no social life and just worked at Staples part time, and spent the rest of my time recording music and reading books.

I put 4 of the songs up on myspace. I wrote all the songs and played all the instruments. This is a few years before I’d touched any drugs or alcohol.