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November 20, 2015

I posted a new track by Fill Spectre called “Am I Dead?” last night. It was recorded with my iPhone on Monday November 16th in the basement of 159 Manning. I think we captured a pretty great performance of the song!

Tomorrow night! Fill Spectre will open the 2nd evening of Night Owl Fest at the Horseshoe Tavern. It will be my first time playing the Horseshoe.

Next Friday! Fill Spectre will travel to Montreal to play Poisson Noir with Yardlets, Traces and Femme Accident! It will be my first time playing a show in Montreal!

That is all am I at liberty to discuss right now, but things are happening.

Shows I’m Playing in November

November 9, 2015

I’ve been playing lots of shows lately! If I’d just turned 17 instead of 37 and the music industry hadn’t collapsed almost a decade ago, I’d be incredibly excited about how bright my future career in music is looking!!

I’ll be playing keys for Wave of Terror this Wednesday Nov 11th at 9pm. We ripped through the set 3 times in 2 hours at our Friday rehearsal, so I’m feeling much more confident about my parts in the songs, and I’m looking forward to playing Adelaide Hall for the first time.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to stick around after our set to see King Creep and NOBUNNY because I’ll be rushing back to the Garrison to hit the front-room stage with Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE at 10pm sharp, and playing until 2am. NO COVER, feel free to throw some bills in the tip jar.

The band this week is me on rhythm guitar + keys, Jesse L. Bellon as band music leader / lead guitar, Alan Snoddy 2nd lead + rhythm guitar, Craig Mailman on bass, and Del Cowsill on drums. Now that the band lineup has become more consistent again, we’re working on a master-songlist and back to forging ahead to our 500-song goal! Del, Craig and I got together last night to do a rough run-through of a few new songs:

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division – Dead Souls (we can also try the NIN version)
Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole
Drake – Hotline Bling
Nirvana – Molly’s Lips
Nirvana – Something In The Way
Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA
Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
Cure, the – Lovesong
Pulp – Common People

We’ll also be returning to Supermarket in Kensington Market on Thursday November 26th, and will try and add more songs before then.

In case you missed Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE feat. Chris Murphy‘s performance of Milo Goes To College at Death To TO last week, Joe Strutt was kind enough to post a couple of audio clips from the set on Mechanical Forest Sound. Here’s a few pictures taken that night by Roy Cohen.

Shout-out to all the other bands who performed that night, and THANK-YOU to Dan Burke and Elliot Jones for having us to play! Hats off to the 2 of you for all the hard work and passion you put into curating and organizing such a spectacular annual event, and for your contributions to the Toronto Music community year-round.

Saturday November 22nd, Fill Spectre opens the 2nd night of the 1st annual Night Owl Festival! We are not listed on the poster, but it’s TRUE we ARE playing at 9pm. There’s a lot of other great psyche and garage bands on the bill, and I’m excited to play Horseshoe Tavern for the first time.

Here’s a 2-years-old home recording of ‪#‎FillSpectre‬ back when the band was me on bass, Jay Share-It on vocals and guitar, Robyn Phillips on guitar + a drum machine. The band went on hiatus shortly after, and we all moved on to other projects. Jay shifted all his energy to Green Rays, Robyn started a solo project called Vallens, while I focused on playing drums with Soft Hell and getting Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE off the ground.

Jay and Travis Kiid (who plays with Jay in Green Rays) started the band back up a year later with Travis on lead guitar, and now we’re a 5-piece with Matthew Cosgrove on drums (Matt and Jay were 2 of the 4 founding members of Pow-Wows, and both played on Pow-Wows debut album Nightmare Soda), me on bass, and my Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE!! band-mate Jesse L. Bellon also on lead guitar. We have 2 LEAD GUITARS NOW, so as you can imagine the band today sounds very different, compared to this old recording posted above. We’re almost finished mixing our new album of songs featuring the new band line-up.

Fill Spectre will also be playing in Montreal @ Poisson Noir on Friday November 27th. The show is confirmed, but details are still TBA.

Ben Daiken and Anna Ruddick’s Engagment

November 2, 2015

Ben asked Anna to marry him last night and she said YESSSS! Anna was playing a show with the Beauties, and Ben invited lots of friends and co-workers to come to the Dakota Tavern to share in the surprise proposal. I’ve known them both a long time; Ben and I are both employed by Parts & Labour and have been friends since we met there 3 years ago. Anna was a roommate of mine at 159 Manning back 4 or 5 years ago, and is a sometimes band member of Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE. I love them both, and I wish for them a long happy healthy successful life together.

I’m Going Through Changeh-eh-ezzzzzz…

October 25, 2015

WOWWWWWW the past couple weeks have been huge for Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE. Last Saturday, October 17th we played our first wedding, for our friends JP and Leilah. They met at one of our gigs at P&L when the band was first starting out, and sang a duet of Weezer – El Scorcho together that night. It only made sense for us to play their wedding too.

We played 2x 90 minute sets; before and after their vows, and learned a couple of Radiohead songs for their first dance; Weird Fishes, and Reckoner.

I often get worried before we play private events that not enough people attending know there’s going to be a karaoke band playing, and that they won’t be mentally prepared to sign up to sing (as opposed to when people come to our bar gigs, because they’re coming specifically to see the band and sing), that we’re going to have to fill the time singing all the songs ourselves. Good news: THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN! It never happens, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about it. We had a steady stream of singers, people were into it, the ceremony was beautiful, the bride and groom were happy, alls well that ends well.

We finished the evening with JP and I doing a duet of the Smiths – This Charming Man.

This past Wednesday October 21st we played the opening gala for the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario at the Sheridan Centre at 123 Queen Street West. We even had a catered V.I.P. room just for the band!

We had a request to open with Wings – Live And Let Die (we played the Guns N Roses version) which I sang, and the rest of the gig went great! Lots of enthusiastic singers, great crowd, and we played well!

Special shout-out to our Booking Agent, Jenn Cowan at Resonance Productions for pulling it all together for us that night. Couldn’t have done it without you!

This Thursday October 29th, we’ll be playing Supermarket in Kensington Market, releasing our new Spaghetti Incident t-shirt design, which we asked Ben Daiken to model for us. I think he looks very sexy wearing it.

Friday we’re playing a set of Descendents covers at Lee’s Palace, whose record Milo Goes To College I’ve been listening to over and over to burn the songs into my brain.

For archiving purposes, it’s worth mentioning our amazing gig back on Labour Day weekend back in September. We took a drive down to Erieau, just outside a Chatham, to play an event called Rockeoke On The Beach which was organized by a very industrious young man named Chris Luis. This guy definitely knows how to throw a party. He takes photos, does video production, builds houses…HE DOES IT ALL!!

There were thousands in attendance, we played a 4 hour set, everyone loved it, we felt like rock stars…

That’s my rig; acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, song-chart book and ipad for charts. Really hoping to finish scanning/saving all the charts from my binder to my iPad soon so I can stop bringing the binder to shows.

This is jusssst before we started playing.

Anywayyyyys, I’m excited for all our upcoming shows, and thankful for all the opportunities we’ve had so far to play to such supportive enthusiastic audiences.

End Of Summer Party Pics

October 11, 2015

Here’s some photos from the 159 Manning end-of-summer party on Friday August 28th. We had a great turnout and vibe that night, so was very happy I decided to throw the party.

Thanks to Wave of Terror, Fill Spectre, Paul Jacobs and Yardlets for playing, and thanks to everyone else who came or helped out in some way that night.

Double Barrel Kombucha

October 10, 2015

I’ve been brewing Kombucha on and off for about a year now and my SCOBY has been getting really thick.

A new layer forms on top of the SCOBY with each new batch brewed, which is why it’s been getting so thick. I decided to pick up a second 2.5-gallon jar from Honest Ed’s this morning and split the SCOBY and starter tea into 2 batches.

I also picked up a giant 4-gallon metal pot from Value Village a few days ago, so I can boil all the tea for both batches at once. It was only $15!

I was able to make 12 bottles from last weeks batch, and used Andrea’s juicer to flavor them. We put fresh ginger in all of them, and made 3 flavours: Apple Cinnamon, Clementine, and Mango-Rasberry-Strawberry. I brought some in to P&L last night to share with the kitchen staff. They all seemed to like it, and Brent said it was the best Kombucha he’d ever had so I took that as a high compliment.

UPDATE: I put the top 3 layers of the SCOBY which looked very thick and healthy into the new jar but it doesn’t seem too stoked on its new home. It’s the one of the left, sitting at the bottom of the jar. Hopefully it’ll adjust in the next day or so and rise to the occasion.


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