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Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE for President!!

September 23, 2015

After taking most of August and September off from playing shows, we’re making moves again in Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE-land!

We’ve got a new shirt that’s available for pre-order arriving mid-October. It’s a tribute to Guns ‘N’ Roses – “the Spaghetti Incident?”, one of the WORST albums by any band ever, by one of the BEST bands ever! We’re not going to be so bold as to say “Our band is like Appetite-For-Destruction-era GNR!” because…you just can’t say that. Nobody can say that. BUT if we say “Our band is like Guns’n’Roses! …Spaghetti-Incident-era GNR!” I don’t forsee anyone trying to take that away from us. The only snag is this idea is that the only GNR songs we play are from Appetite and the Use Your Illusions, but on the other hand Spaghetti Incident is an album of mediocre punk covers; and (compared to the other members of GELK) I’m a mediocre musician, I grew up listening to punk, and we’re essentially a cover band soooo it works on that level. Whatever, it’s supposed to be funny. I think it’s funny, and that’s all that matters to me.

The design will be printed on white tee’s for 2 reasons. First reason is I like white shirts. I stopped buying black t-shirts a few years ago because I had too many. Second reason is that people are sometimes hesitant to buy white band t-shirts because they don’t know how to put food in their mouths OR use bleach and know that their shirt will soon be covered in coffee and pasta stains. WELL, we’re already covering the shirt in spaghetti so get over it and celebrate your true nature as a slob and buy our shirt!

We’re only doing a run of 25 shirts because I want to get rid of them immediately, not hold onto a bunch of merch inventory. That’s one of the best things about playing in Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE. The band gets paid when we play shows, and then we split that money up and put it in our wallets. We don’t hoard the money in a band fund to pay for merch we can’t sell or some other bullshit. We get paid $$ to pay for our rent and phone bills and car insurance and groceries and drugs and save for retirement. That’s what rock and roll is about!


Yes, it’s true we’re opening for a screening of Madonna’s Truth Or Dare, one of the most controversial movies of the 90’s!! It’s the same night as Nuit Blanche but isn’t officially associated. Doors at 8pm, at 8:30pm we’ll be performing a LIVE KARAOKE set of Madonna covers featuring singers from the audience, with the lyrics projected on the big screen so the crowd can sing along! The film starts at 9:30pm, and then we have to rush our asses and gear over to Junction City Music Hall for our regular monthly there starting at 10:20pm and then play until 2:20pm.

We’ve got a few private events during October, but after Oct 3rd our next public event is Thursday October 29th at Supermarket in Kensington Market. The following day on Friday October 30th AKA Devils night, we play Death To T.O. V with Chris Murphy from Sloan on vocals!!

GELK teamed up with Chris during Dec holiday season 2014 for a charity toy-drive at Parts & Labour, to perform Minor Threat’s only full-length LP Out of Step from start to finish. Wade McNeil even interviewed Chris, Jesse and I about it on his radio show the day of the toy-drive, just a few hours before we played!

For Death To T.O. V, we’ve put the exact same lineup of the band as Out of Step back together. We’re excited to play another one of Chris’ favorite albums, Descendents – Milo Goes To College, + maybe few other of our favorite tracks! We’ll see! Here’s a video of us playing back in Dec:

Here’s Milo Goes To College so you can listen to the songs for the next month and be in on what we’re doing this Oct 30th.

159 Manning Presents: Yardlets & friends

August 18, 2015

I’m throwing 1 more party this summer at 159 Manning. Likely my last jam until NYE. This will be sort of like the party I threw in May with Kapuano Records, with the backyard open, but all bands will be playing in the living room, NOT a giant 3-stage circus like M for 159 Manning. I don’t think my neighbors will let me get away with having bands in the backyard again so soon after the NXNE weekend.

Like the party in May, I’m keeping with the theme of 2 Montreal acts, 2 Toronto bands + me opening the party with a piano sing-along. I’ll be doing something similar to what I did in the video below, but keep in mind that was shot 2.5 years ago and I’ve come a lonnnnnnnng way in my playing since then, and I’ll make sure to choose songs that suit yelling along like Don’t Stop Believin’, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, and November Rain. If I get my shit together in time I may even provide lyric sheets. It’ll be kind of like Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE except I want everyone to sing rather than solo singers, which means it’ll be kind of like Choir!Choir!Choir! except I don’t expect anyone to sing harmonies, just shout-along.

The headlining Montreal act is Yardlets, featuring Sam Goldberg Jr who may be the last current member of Broken Social Scene to hasn’t already performed at 159 Manning before? Let’s see, Justin Peroff DJed NYE last year, Brendan Canning has DJed my NXNE BBQ’s once or twice, and KC Accidental played the BBQ last year featuring Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin…so does that mean I can lie and tell people BSS has played my backyard? Like when people ask “Hey Tim, Sloan played at your house didn’t they?” and well no, I’ve done a photoshoot here at 159 Manning with them which resulted in the album cover for their most recent Record Store Day 12″ Ep, and Chris Murphy played drums for Little Orton Hoggit and His 10 Cent Wings here a few years ago, and then sang Minor Threat’s first 2 7″s from start to finish with my band Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE in my basement, and everyone else except for Andrew (Jay, Patrick and Gregory) has attended one of my BBQ’s, so I just say “YES. Yes, Sloan did play in my backyard and it was great”. But I ONLY say that when people suggest that it happened first. It’s more succinct than saying no.

I digress; Yardlets are playing, and Sam suggested another MTL resident to perform named Paul Jacobs. I don’t know much about Paul, except 1. he’s a one-man-band, 2. that I briefly met him at Parts & Labour a few years ago and he insisted on giving me this sticker he drew which is now on the cover of one of my notebooks, and 3. he’s originally from Windsor ON, which is also my hometown.

The 2 Toronto acts are the good-ol’ 159 Manning standbys Fill Spectre and Wave of Terror. Jesse Bellon (also a Windsor native) will be playing guitar in both bands. Fill Spectre photos below by Del Cowsill.

I’ll be playing bass in Fill Spectre, and keys in Wave of Terror. I’m playing 3 sets that night!

Wave of Terror photo shot on NYE by Jett Black. W.O.T. drummer Ian Sattler designed the show poster at the top of this post.

Some Say Blogging Is Dead

August 12, 2015

…and that may be true, but HEY I’m used to passionately toiling away in obscurity producing mediocre work that nobody cares about. That’s my thang!

I took a few pics at Fill Spectre band practice last night.

This is my bass rig.

In my bands, wearing no shirt is the new wearing a shirt.

My pal Rich Terfry released a book today! I’m very excited to read it. I took a few pics at the launch party to commemorate the event. “Maybe I should bring a flash” I thought as I left the house, but alas I did not. Everyone still looks gorgeous, so I hope you enjoy the pics anyways!

Congratulations Rich! You’re officially a writer now.

I’m A Better Photographer than Musician

August 10, 2015

…but I get more satisfaction from playing and pursuing music, so I’ve really gotten away from taking photos for awhile. I should make an effort to get back into it. Here’s a few photos I took at my party back in June, shot on my Canon 5D Mark II with some assistance from Jason Sherritt.

Unfortunately, a couple weeks after the BBQ I was on a job shooting video and accidentally cleared the card with pics from the 2nd half of the BBQ before I’d archived them to my computer, so that’s all I have. I hope you enjoyed them!


July 18, 2015

Look at this picture of me! It’s funny because I ate a nibble of mushrooms about an hour before this picture was taken and now it looks like how it would if the viewer were tripping on mushrooms.

Tonight Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE are playing at Casbah in Collingwood for the 3rd time! It’ll be me on rhythm guitar and keys, Eric Woolston on drums, Del Cowsill on bass, and Danny Gorman on lead guitar. 4 piece band.

Our next Toronto show is Thursday July 23rd, making our Kensington Market debut at Supermarket!! It’ll be the same band as we’re doing in Collingwood tonight except Del will play rhythm guitar because Craig Mailman will be on bass, and Alan Snoddy will also be there part of the night playing lead guitar. 5.5 piece band.

Fill Spectre have been making some new recordings with Ian Sattler engineering at his studio over the past week and a half. We’ll be playing a free show with Colaheads and the Graffiti Crimes on Saturday July 25th at Redlight. Fill Spectre features Jason Sherritt on lead vox and rhythm guitar, Travis Kiid on lead guitar, Jesse Bellon on lead guitar, me on bass, and Matthew Cosgrove on drums. 5 piece band.

NXNE 2015: Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE @ Yonge and Dundas Square

May 25, 2015

It’s official, we’re Toronto’s new band. For better or for worse, we’re what you deserve. Sunday June 21st from noon to 5pm at Yonge Dundas Square. It’s 5 hours of Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE rocking what some would call the Times Square of Toronto, featuring many special guests singers and maybe even YOU!!!!!!!!

It’s real: You can sign up to sing here! From – “Ever wanted to take the NXNE YDS Stage but never had the headlining superstar status it inevitably requires? Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE is here to help your dreams come true.”

Here’s some info on the hosts I’ve asked to act as MC’s throughout the show. As they’re all about to find out, taking the stage with Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE can be like a roller coaster ride; both terrifying and exhilarating! Not for the faint of heart.

noon – Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman – Collectively known as DaBu, they are the founders of Choir! Choir! Choir! a twice weekly drop-in singing group in Toronto. What started as a small gathering of friends now brings out hundreds of non-professional singers each week and has led to gigs opening for Jay Leno at Massey Hall, singing with Patti Smith at the AGO, and on the Juno Awards with Tegan and Sara. For more info, check out

1pm – the MRCH Morning Zoo Crew – Hey Everybody! Skip Lowe (Kevin Hilliard), The Platypus (Chris Murphy – Sloan) and MRCHy the 6 foot promotional t-shirt (Mike Nelson) from Toronto’s hottest non-existent radio show, The MRCH 108.8 Morning Zoo Crew!, will be on hand to host singers talented and otherwise.

2pm – Nick Sewell – As a member of storied TO rock outfits such as Biblical, The Illuminati and Tchort, Nick Sewell has been releasing and performing loud guitar music for over 20 years. He is currently touring in support of Biblical’s debut LP Monsoon Season, which was released to critical acclaim in 2014 by New Damage Records.

3pm – Justin Peroff and Mikey B Richwan – Justin Peroff; Broken Social Scene drummer, artist manager, DJ, 159 Manning co-programmer, day dreamer and Good Enough Live Karaoke fan-boy. His co-host, Mikey B Rishwain was born and raised in Stockton California, home of Chris Isaak and Pavement. Mikey eventually relocated to Montreal, where he rapidly established himself as a G ranking in the Top 100 in Nightlife Magazine’s Montreal “Personalities that changed our nightlife”, after being in the city for only a year! He has been Programming Director for M FOR MONTREAL since 2007.

4pm – Raina Douris – Afternoon drive host at indie88, blogger, videographer, artist, writer and all around nice lady.

NO COVER at all upcoming Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE dates:
Tuesday May 26th at Clintons Tavern after Choir! Choir! Choir! – 10:15pm to 1:30am.
Tuesday June 2nd at Clinton’s Tavern after Choir! Choir! Choir! 10:15pm to 1:30am
Saturday June 6th at Dundas West Fest on the Beer Store Parking Lot Stage 1:15pm and 5:15pm
Saturday June 6th at JCMH – 10:15pm to 2am
Friday June 12th at Wrongbar – 9:30pm to 2am
Sunday June 21st at Yonge Dundas Square – noon to 5pm


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