June: A Month of Musical Market Testing

May 25, 2016

I’m playing 14 shows in June! The nights I’m not playing I’m either shooting video for Choir!Choir!Choir! (on Tuesdays) or doing sound somewhere (pretty much every other night that I’m not booked playing or shooting video). This music thing has finally become a full-time job!

Monday May 30th Jesse Bellon, Matt Cosgrove and I are launching a 4-week-test Monday residency at the Gladstone Hotel. We’ll be jamming and doing music improv in the Melody Bar from 6pm to 8pm, followed by an open format DIY Vinyl night. I’ll bring a crate of records from home and play whatever I want, and others are welcome to join and bring a few records of their own to play.

Wednesday June 1st, Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE will play at Wolf Like Me at Bloor and Shaw. We’re going to do an early show, doors at 6pm, band plays and you sing from 8pm to 11pm. The room only fits 30 or 40 people, so it’s an intimate venue, and whoever comes will likely to get a chance to sing multiple songs. We’ll be playing as a 4-piece with me on rhythm guitar and keys, Eric Woolston on drums, Jesse Bellon on guitar, and Del Cowill on bass.

Friday June 3rd, Good Enough tests out a new monthly at Adelaide Hall with DJ’s Splattermonkey and General Eclectic for a night called Request Line. You can request songs from the DJ’s, and of course request what song you want to sing with the band.

The next night, Saturday June 4th we play at our true monthly home base, Junction City Music Hall. Can we sustain playing 3 shows in a week? YES WE CAN!! It’s live karaoke. It’s a completely different set every night, different songs, different singers in different venues. Occasionally it’s even a different band, as shown in the picture above from last month at JCMH.

The next week the Monday and Wednesday cycle repeats, and then Friday June 10th I play keys with Wave of Terror at the Silver Dollar!

Good Enough plays at the Gladstone Hotel on Saturday June 11th…

…and then the Monday and Wednesday cycle repeats for 2 weeks, GELK will play the newly opened Eightball Pub in Scarborough on Friday June 24th, something secret on Saturday June 25th, and then Monday June 27th when the Harp Twins are playing at 159 Manning. After that? Who knows…..

Mid-March 2016 Update

March 16, 2016

It’s been relatively quiet for me since the big NYE party here at 159 Manning, but things are about to pick up again! The biggest news I have is my upcoming party at the Gladstone Hotel! I will write a separate post in the next couple days with alllll the details, but in the meantime check out this poster designed by Kimi Kimo!

Jesse Bellon, Matt Cosgrove and I have been jamming on Monday nights for the past month, recording improvised instrumental jams. The 3 of us were playing together in Fill Spectre for over a year, and Jesse and I have clocked at least a couple hundred hours on stage together with Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE over the past 2 years, so I think we’ve developed a certain musical rapport. This project is the exact opposite of live karaoke.

Maybe we’ll go back over these jams and rearrange the parts into more concise pop songs, or chop up the stems and loop them in Ableton, OR maybe we’ll just keep improvising and recording new material every Monday and let these recording be what they are. Who knows? For now, we’re not putting any boundaries on our material. What’s important is 1. I like jamming in my basement 2. I like listening back to the recordings we make, and 3. I like blogging about it. Holy shit, I just did all 3 of those things, and will probably do it again next week.

If you happen to be a female singer/frontperson, and you listen to the track posted above and are interested in collaborating with us, reach out! Sorry dudes, we’re not interested in men unless you’re Drake or Justin Bieber.

Tomorrow, Thursday March 17th, Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE will play the Rivoli for St Patricks Day! I think we’re starting early, like 9pm. It’s my first time playing at the Rivoli! One of our core members, Eric Woolston, will be back in the drum seat after spending the past 3 months in Brazil with his wife Amanda Paixao. It’ll be his 2nd time playing the Rivoli this week, since his reggae band The Human Rights had their record release show there on Saturday! Check out this video that I shot and co-edited for them in the summer, directed and starring Amanda Paixao.

I’m excited to present Good Enough’s new death metal logo designed by Glorious Gorification! I’m very very happy with it. I specifically asked for semi-legible. Being too easy-to-read would miss the point of having a death metal logo made at all, but since 90% of our audience have no idea who Napalm Death or Darkthrone are, it does need to be SEMI-legible.

FINAL NEWS OF THE DAY: This Saturday evening I’ll be playing keys at the Smiling Buddha with Wave of Terror, opening for our pals in The Lord Almighty’s and Pale Lips!! Stoked to play, stoked to see the other bands.

NYE 2016 @ 159 Manning

December 23, 2015

My name, address, current resume and NYE party made it into Toronto Life!

The party also made it into BlogTO’s NYE guide:

The party will feature live performances in the basement by High Jinx, Fill Spectre, Wolf Saga, Terrorista and DJ sets on the main floor by Sunclef, Wolf Saga and Joel French. I’ve been playing bass with Fill Spectre for the past few years and it’ll be my last show with the band for awhile so there’s your extra incentive to come check us out!

As the annual tradition goes, the backyard will feature a quieter chill-out area enclosed in tents and tarps.

Please be nice to Jesse and Andrew, my friendly + reliable security team who will be running the door…

…and these are my 2 sound technicians for the night. If it were business-as-usual, Jason and Paul would be running a NYE party @ Soybomb HQ, so I feel very honored they’ve chosen to join forces with 159 Manning this time around.

The party is BYOB but Chrissy and Samson will be running the bottled water refreshment stations, hence their official titles for the night “Refreshment Stationeers”. #1664Canada

Carolyn Tripp will be working the coat check upstairs. This picture was taken when she worked coat check last NYE. Please tip her handsomely.

Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE will NOT be playing NYE, but we ARE playing one last show for 2015 the day before on Wednesday December 30th at Supermarket, NO COVER.

If NYE is too much for you, maybe the day before NYE is a good alternative?

Bunz Holiday Charity Live-Karaoke App Launch Party

December 9, 2015

This Friday December 11th! Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE will be playing in the back room of the Garrison for the first annual Bunz Holiday Charity Live Karaoke App Launch Party in support of BUNZ BAGS TORONTO; a group that collects, prepares and distributes purse-filled care packages for women in need in Toronto. Items needed are listed at the bottom of this post.

If you are a member of Bunz Trading Zone (or any of the other Bunz FB groups) THIS PARTY IS FOR YOU!!! There will be giveaways, games, snacks and drink tickets to be won. It will be an all around good time! Come celebrate, meet fellow bunz and spread CHILL Holiday VIBES.

1. PRE-REGISTER for the bunz.com app and RSVP: rsvp@bunz.com
2. You also must bring one of more of them items included on the list pinned below for donation to Bunz Bags.

I’m pretttty sure you can just pay $10 at the door if you don’t register or RSVP and the proceeds will go to BUNZ BAGS TORONTO. BUT WHY NOT just save yourself $10 and follow steps 1 and 2?

Door 9PM – Doors open. Meet your fellow Bunz

Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE – 9:30 until 10:15 AND 11:30 until 2am

During our intermission there will be a performance by Clara Venice from 10:30 – 11:15. Clara is one of the most unique and wonderful acts in Toronto and you WILL be blown away by her performance and the overall level of theatrical production involved in her act. You will NOT be disappointed unless you hate being happy.

We’ve also recruited the incredibly talented Ivana Santilli to sing Prince – When You Were Mine with Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE during our second set! We had a rehearsal in my basement today during our bass player Craig Mailman’s lunch break and it sounded amazzzinggggg and we’re all psyched about it!

Here’s the list of items they’re accepting for the Bunz Bags:

toothbrush cases *
dental floss
Ziploc bags
hand sanitizer
pads, tampons, pantyliners *
dry shampoo *
TTC tokens *
emergency rain ponchos
reusable cutlery/sporks (no knives)
mini Kleenex/tissue packs
warm hats
granola bars
Clif/energy bars *
alcohol/sanitary wipes
mini first aid kits
pens and notepads
change purses
mini flashlights
handwarmer/heat packs
shampoo + conditioner
bath/shower gel
Emergen-c packs
body lotion
hair elastics
bobby pins
nail files
re-usable water bottles *
carabiners *
gift cards (ex. $10 to Tim Hortons, etc.) *


November 20, 2015

I posted a new track by Fill Spectre called “Am I Dead?” last night. It was recorded with my iPhone on Monday November 16th in the basement of 159 Manning. I think we captured a pretty great performance of the song!

Tomorrow night! Fill Spectre will open the 2nd evening of Night Owl Fest at the Horseshoe Tavern. It will be my first time playing the Horseshoe.

Next Friday! Fill Spectre will travel to Montreal to play Poisson Noir with Yardlets, Traces and Femme Accident! It will be my first time playing a show in Montreal!

That is all am I at liberty to discuss right now, but things are happening.

Shows I’m Playing in November

November 9, 2015

I’ve been playing lots of shows lately! If I’d just turned 17 instead of 37 and the music industry hadn’t collapsed almost a decade ago, I’d be incredibly excited about how bright my future career in music is looking!!

I’ll be playing keys for Wave of Terror this Wednesday Nov 11th at 9pm. We ripped through the set 3 times in 2 hours at our Friday rehearsal, so I’m feeling much more confident about my parts in the songs, and I’m looking forward to playing Adelaide Hall for the first time.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to stick around after our set to see King Creep and NOBUNNY because I’ll be rushing back to the Garrison to hit the front-room stage with Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE at 10pm sharp, and playing until 2am. NO COVER, feel free to throw some bills in the tip jar.

The band this week is me on rhythm guitar + keys, Jesse L. Bellon as band music leader / lead guitar, Alan Snoddy 2nd lead + rhythm guitar, Craig Mailman on bass, and Del Cowsill on drums. Now that the band lineup has become more consistent again, we’re working on a master-songlist and back to forging ahead to our 500-song goal! Del, Craig and I got together last night to do a rough run-through of a few new songs:

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division – Dead Souls (we can also try the NIN version)
Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole
Drake – Hotline Bling
Nirvana – Molly’s Lips
Nirvana – Something In The Way
Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA
Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
Cure, the – Lovesong
Pulp – Common People

We’ll also be returning to Supermarket in Kensington Market on Thursday November 26th, and will try and add more songs before then.

In case you missed Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE feat. Chris Murphy‘s performance of Milo Goes To College at Death To TO last week, Joe Strutt was kind enough to post a couple of audio clips from the set on Mechanical Forest Sound. Here’s a few pictures taken that night by Roy Cohen.

Shout-out to all the other bands who performed that night, and THANK-YOU to Dan Burke and Elliot Jones for having us to play! Hats off to the 2 of you for all the hard work and passion you put into curating and organizing such a spectacular annual event, and for your contributions to the Toronto Music community year-round.

Saturday November 22nd, Fill Spectre opens the 2nd night of the 1st annual Night Owl Festival! We are not listed on the poster, but it’s TRUE we ARE playing at 9pm. There’s a lot of other great psyche and garage bands on the bill, and I’m excited to play Horseshoe Tavern for the first time.

Here’s a 2-years-old home recording of ‪#‎FillSpectre‬ back when the band was me on bass, Jay Share-It on vocals and guitar, Robyn Phillips on guitar + a drum machine. The band went on hiatus shortly after, and we all moved on to other projects. Jay shifted all his energy to Green Rays, Robyn started a solo project called Vallens, while I focused on playing drums with Soft Hell and getting Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE off the ground.

Jay and Travis Kiid (who plays with Jay in Green Rays) started the band back up a year later with Travis on lead guitar, and now we’re a 5-piece with Matthew Cosgrove on drums (Matt and Jay were 2 of the 4 founding members of Pow-Wows, and both played on Pow-Wows debut album Nightmare Soda), me on bass, and my Good Enough LIVE KARAOKE!! band-mate Jesse L. Bellon also on lead guitar. We have 2 LEAD GUITARS NOW, so as you can imagine the band today sounds very different, compared to this old recording posted above. We’re almost finished mixing our new album of songs featuring the new band line-up.

Fill Spectre will also be playing in Montreal @ Poisson Noir on Friday November 27th. The show is confirmed, but details are still TBA.